First Look

Have Camera, Will Travel

Globe-trekking students put their international adventures on view

Study Abroad Student.

By Lauren Newkirk Maynard

Anyone who studied abroad in college will remember that rush: packing your bags, getting on what perhaps was your first long-haul flight, hopping strange trains and buses in head-spinning succession, and then, BAM! You’re in a different world from the one you always knew. For the 600 UB undergraduate students who spend time overseas each year, going abroad means just that— trying new things (camel ride, anyone?), experiencing different cultures, broadening their perspective. 

UB’s study abroad office helps make those moments happen, offering more than 80 programs in 60+ countries, as well as 600 more through other SUNY campuses. It also holds the annual UB Study Abroad Photo Contest on Facebook, nudging students to capture and share their discoveries. A winner or not, every image shown here illustrates the power of travel to open worlds of possibility.