On Campus: Pass/Fail

We look back on our recent past with pride, or shame

Car at electric charging station.

Electric charging station at Bonner Hall. Photo: Douglas Levere

Green Edition


Plugging in

Finally, a place to park the Tesla (or electric car of your choice). UB has installed three charging stations on the North and South campuses—just one more step toward our goal of climate neutrality by 2030.

A fair to remember

Last semester, campus greenies and more than 30 Buffalo environmental groups hosted the largest-ever UB Sustainable Living Fair. Hundreds gathered in the Student Union in their best hemp necklaces to raise awareness, or to grab free home-energy-saving kits for their drafty apartments.

Sustainability smarts

The UB Academies added its fifth academy last fall: sustainability. Now students can learn why it’s important to shut off the lights and turn down their music—and start making their apologies to mom for ignoring her all those years.


Blowing smoke

In 2009, UB joined 300 colleges in banning smoking on their campuses, and established smoking-cessation programs to help people quit. But many are still sneaking a drag outside buildings, leaving butts on the ground where receptacles used to be.

Winter 1, Trees 0

Dried leaf.

Soon after they were planted, catalpa and red maple trees along the Flint entrance of the North Campus began dying, thanks to Buffalo’s harsh weather. Replacement trees—hopefully a heartier breed—are due this spring.