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George Zornick '05.

George Zornick, former editor of UB's student newspaper, The Spectrum, is now an editor covering D.C. politics for The Nation.

Now the Washington, D.C. editor for The Nation, George Zornick explored new ideas at UB, that led to his career as a journalist. 

From notion to The Nation

George Zornick started at UB with only vague notions of the career he wanted. A whirlwind four years changed that for the English student, who took classes on current events, including a seminar on the psychology of terrorism that enlivened his political consciousness.

He also took literary criticism, which he called “one of the most on-point classes in terms of what I try to do now, which involves reading texts and thinking critically and trying to figure out what my opinion is.” His internships at The Buffalo News and Channel 7 gave him professional experience in the field he entered after graduation: political journalism.

Zornick's post-UB jobs have included working as a staff researcher for “Sicko,” a Michael Moore documentary investigating American health care. He has also served as a senior reporter/blogger for, a popular, progressive blog, where his postings routinely generated more than 100 comments.

Despite his busy work life, he said he sometimes misses UB's vibrant, intellectual atmosphere.

"When you get out in the world, many of the people you meet are doing very, very similar things to what you're doing," he said. "I miss being exposed to the wide range of ideas at UB."

He advises UB students now to “take advantage of as many things as you can in school and off campus to further round out your education. The things you do to supplement your education outside of the classroom will probably be useful once you graduate.”

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In the media

At The Nation, Zornick writes a number of articles for the magazine, but also participates in other media, sometimes relating to his pieces. You can read his recent work for The Nation here, and listen or look at some recent stories he has been involved in below. 

Voting rights

Zornick moderated a panel discussion on Voting Rights called “Give Us the Ballot: The Fight for 2016” as part of the 10th annual Brooklyn Book Festival in Brooklyn, New York, in September 2015. 

Ari Berman, author of Give Us the Ballot; Joy Reid, author of Fracture; and Zephyr Teachout, author of Corruption in America, talked about voting rights and the 2016 election. C-SPAN presents a video of the event. 

Walmart and the AR-15

In 2013 Zornick authored a piece about how Walmart became the top seller of firearms and ammunition nationwide. He spoke about that article on the Leonard Lopate Show, produced by WNYC. 

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