Do You Know UB?

Then prove it! Take our second True Blue trivia quiz with Professor Bufflesworth

Illustration by Michael Gelen (JD ’88)

1. Who played Jeffrey Wigand (PhD ’73, MA ’72, BA ’69), the former tobacco executive turned whistleblower, in the 1999 movie “The Insider”?

A) Kevin Costner
B) Russell Crowe
C) Al Pacino
D) Colin Firth

2. What is the nickname for the Ellicott Complex?

A) Lego Land
B) The Jungle
C) Jenga Tower
D) The Labryinth

3. When UB obtained the Greek columns now found at Baird Point, what did university officials originally want to use them for?

A) As a backdrop for an open-air amphitheater on the South Campus
B) As decoration for Foster Hall
C) As a monument to mark UB’s centennial
D) To be placed at Baird Point, where they are now

4. In 1876, Mary Blair Moody, a mother of six, became UB’s first female graduate. What profession did she pursue?

A) Midwife
B) Nurse
C) Teacher
D) Physician

5. In 1955, only two “refreshments” were allowed to be enjoyed in the main lounge of Macdonald Hall, a residence for female students. What were they?

A) Coffee and tea
B) Cigarettes and candy
C) Chewing gum and water
D) Soda pop and pickles

6. This summer, UB students competed in the NBC show “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.” What other popular program featured a group of UB students, and when?

A) MTV’s “Sorority Life” in 2003
B) Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab” in 2004
C) TLC’s “Trading Spaces” in 2006
D) NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in 2012

7. What is the annual Life Raft Debate?

A) A Buffalo Film Seminars screening and discussion of Hitchcock’s “Lifeboat”
B) A meeting about what kind of watercraft should be allowed on Lake LaSalle for the next academic year
C) A debate among faculty members as to which among them should be allowed to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, based on the importance of their field to rebuilding civilization
D) A UB Rowing Club-hosted symposium on the suitability of eight-man shells as rescue vessels in case of nautical disaster

8. In 1965, newly hired UB Professor of English Leslie Fiedler appeared on “The Merv Griffin Show” alongside which fellow guest?

A) Richard Pryor
B) Charo
C) Robert Goulet
D) Orson Welles

9. What was the name of UB’s first unofficial mascot, a 175-pound taxidermied bison head?

A) Roycroft
B) Roscoe
C) Boscoe
D) Buster

10. Research conducted at UB helped uncover the genetic anomalies of this tiny but voracious predator. What is it?

A) An Amazonian fanged snail
B) A blood-sucking mottled tick
C) A brown wolf mollusk
D) A carnivorous humped bladderwort plant

11. What was manufactured in the factory building that later became Bethune Hall (now Bethune Lofts)?

A) Bricks
B) Beer bottles
C) Water meters
D) Shoes

12. What was the original name of Oozefest?

A) Yuckfest
B) Oozeball
C) Slime Jam
D) Sludge Slam

Check your score

1. B | 2. A | 3. A | 4. D | 5. B | 6. A | 7. C | 8. A | 9. C | 10. D | 11. C | 12. B

How many questions did you answer correctly?

0-3: Hmm, maybe you just dreamt you went to UB.
4-6: Planning a visit to campus soon? Someone needs a refresher course.
7-9: Respectable. You must have been a solid “B” student.
10-12: Congratulations! Now you can tell the other alumni who’s boss.