UB in the News


Fox News interviews engineering professor John Crassidis about President Trump’s order for the Pentagon to establish a 'space force.'


PBS Newshour quotes geology professor Tracy Gregg about Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, which began spouting lava a month ago.


Smithsonian interviewed law professor James Gardner about a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a century-old law that prohibited voters from wearing political insignia inside polling places.


The Atlantic quoted geology chair Beata Csatho on her new research on the Antarctic ice sheet's contributions to sea level rise over the past quarter century.


Jessica Kruger, researcher the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions, was interviewed on NPR’s On Point about how binge-watching TV affects mental health.


The Buffalo News interviews Linda Pessar, director of the Center for Medical Humanities in the Jacobs School, about how first year medical students are working to better understand medical disparities in Buffalo and beyond.


An opinion piece in The New York Times about the shift of bargaining power to employers at the expense of employees includes comments from Martha McCluskey, professor of law.


USA Today quotes Tracy Gregg, associate professor of geology, about the unrelenting lava flows from the volcano Kilauea that are transforming Kapoho Bay in Hawaii.


The New York Times reported that UB research is shedding light on how early humans may have first populated the Americas. The article quoutes geology professor Jason Briner, who led the work.


The Christian Science Monitor quoted UB pop culture expert David Schmid on ABC’s decision to cancel “Roseanne” after her racist tweets toward Valerie Jarrett.