UB in the News


Wired interviews robotics expert Karthik Dantu about new technology that enables drones to self-organize into a coherent swarm.


Nick Rajkovich, an urban planning expert who focuses on climate change, spoke with Salon about the measures that cities can take to mitigate the effects of heat waves.



Bullying expert Amanda Nickerson spoke with the The New York Times about new plans released by the Secret Service to help prevent school shootings.


Civil rights expert Victoria Wolcott spoke with Agence France-Presse about the role that social networks play in helping to combat racial bias.


National Geographic interviews UB glaciologist Kristin Poinar about a chunk of ice the size of lower Manhattan breaking off from a Greenland glacier and tumbling into the sea.


UB medical expert Dennis Kuo talks to Voice of America about benefits of breastfeeding after the U.S. opposed a World Health Organization resolution urging countries to encourage the practice.


Political scientist James Campbell tells Reuters that Congressional Republicans may lose more than 40 seats this fall.


An article The New York Times about a challenge in California to the felony murder rule interviews law professor Guyora Binder.


An article on Fast Company’s Co.Design about Ford Motor Co.’s plan to remake Detroit – and itself – interviews UB urban planning researcher Robert Silverman.


The Associated Press reports on research by UB sociologist Robert Adelman, who  found lower crime rates in places with higher numbers of undocumented migrants.