UB in the News


Culture and technology are making signatures a devalued currency, Tamara Plakins Thornton, professor of history, tells The New York Times.


Spectrum News reports the UB held its fourth annual Dentistry Smiles on Veterans Day and interviews Brendan Dowd, clinical assistant professor in restorative dentistry.


An article in Time about how President Trump inserted himself into the midterm elections like few presidents before interviews Jacob Neiheisel, associate professor of political science.


An article in England’s The Independent about the midterm election and the impact that lesser-known candidates have on constituents’ lives interviews James Battista, associate professor of political science.


James E. Campbell writes in MarketWatch that “To be effective... any closing message any closing message in the midterm elections must... counter why Republicans are in so much trouble in the first place. Many might explain the trouble with one word: Trump."


A story on CBS News about the impact that deceased Rep. Louise Slaughter continues to have on the race for New York’s 27th Congressional District interviews Jacob Neiheisel, associate professor of political science.


An Associated Press article about efforts to step up scrutiny of asbestos trust funds interviews law professor S. Todd Brown who said the idea “could lead to money going to complying with this oversight rather than going to the victims.”


A Wall Street Journal article on consumer reaction to rising prices quotes Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing in the UB School of Management.


An article in Salon discuss research Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organization and human resources, showing that men are more likely than women to be chosen or rated as leaders.


USA Today story about President Trump encouraging more civil discourse after suspicious packages were sent to high profile Democrats and CNN interviews Jacob Neiheisel, associate professor of political science.