UB in the News


An article on The Verge interviews Anjula Kosswattaarachchi, a PhD candidate in chemistry, about methylene blue, a blue dye that has potential to be used to power liquid batteries.


Monica Stephens, assistant professor of geography, talks to the New York Times about claims by Alex Jones that the more he’s “persecuted” the stronger he gets after he was kicked off social media.


The Buffalo News reports UB was awarded the Mid-American Conference’s first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Institution Award, and quotes UB President Satish K. Tripathi and Athletic Director Mark Alnutt.


Paul Tesluk, dean and professor in the School of Management, was interviewed by The New York Times for an article about team chemistry and the New York Giants.


An article in The Atlantic about the threat posed to the Hawaiian Islands by Hurricane Lane interviews Tracy Gregg, associate professor of geology.


An article on Yahoo! News references work by UB accounting professor Feng Gu, which questions the relevance of the long-standing four-times-a-year reports. 


A Popular Science article about climate change and the dangers of extreme rain interviews Nicholas Rajkovich, assistant professor of architecture.


An AccuWeather article about how U.S. bridges are built to withstand powerful winds, hurricanes and earthquakes interviews Andrew Whittaker, director of UB's Institute of Bridge Engineering.


An article on Gizmodo UK interviews Alia Lesnek, a doctoral candidate in geology, about new research on how the first settlers of North America reached the continent.


"You expect people to do the right thing, to resign. In many cases it could, and should, be that simple," he said. "Politics isn’t simple," James Gardner, professor of law, tells NBC News.