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He is a co-holder of five U.S. patents and four pending applications, and a co-author of more than 240 research publications.

UB in the News


A Washington Post story quoted Charles Lindsey about a string of tech companies - including Tesla - that have made offers recently to help with disasters in their own backyard.


Newsweek published an article about a UB-led study of more than 22,000 tweets sent by 12 Republican presidential hopefuls during the 2016 primaries. 


Best Life reports on a study led by Jennifer Livingston showing that a mother's warmth and acceptance could prevent teens from entering into abusive relationships. 


Sports Law expert Helen Drew tells The Chronicle of Higher Education that the NCAA didn’t reveal too much information about its strategy going forward.


David Doermann, director of UB’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, is quoted in The Financial Times about how AI-generated "deepfake" videos are poised to spread falsehoods in upcoming elections.