Alumni Survey Results

We asked, you answered. Last fall, the UB Alumni Association surveyed alumni around the globe, seeking input to help guide future strategic initiatives. 

The survey, conducted by Engagement Analysis Inc., measured, tracked and assessed the engagement of alumni and determined attitudes and interests around various programs and activities. EAi also surveyed UB alumni in 2014; resurveying in 2016 was also done to see if—and how—alumni engagement levels may have changed over that period of time.

The Big Takeaway

“We regularly need to check in with alumni,” said Kristin Woods, assistant vice president for alumni engagement. “If we’re not taking the pulse of our alums, we’re doing them a disservice. Our mission is to serve our constituents, and understanding their needs and perceptions is key to fulfilling that mission.” Over a three-week period, thousands of alumni offered their feedback on a variety of topics, from how they felt about UB, how they want to keep in touch with the university, the activities they were most interested in, and, as the case may be, what kept some from keeping in touch.

Higher education remains a key value among respondents, with 94 percent indicating they agree or strongly agree, as was the desire to help current students. The results also showed a high degree of affinity to one’s degree school, but also an interest in, and understanding of, the university’s priorities and direction.

Additional Answers

Following are other key survey findings:

  • Alumni are satisfied with their academic experience at UB, and have a high degree of pride in their association with the university.
  • There is a deep interest in career services, both from alumni who are seeking assistance and those able to help others with professional development and job searches.
  • As for what keeps alumni from participating, most often it was simply distance from campus, with engagement dropping off as distance increases. “This is a signal to us to continue our virtual programming, and to make sure alumni are aware of the type of online programs available,” Woods said.

On a promising note, overall engagement of alumni is increasing over time.

Although the survey results are encouraging, they indicate that there are still opportunities to be had. “Finding new ways to reach alumni outside Western New York is one opportunity we’d like to take a deeper look at,” said Woods.

The analysis continues, and will help guide our future strategic initiatives to meet your needs and interests.

Thank you to all who participated! 

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