Addressing Climate Change Through UB’s 10 in 10

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UB is on track to be carbon neutral in just a few years

Ryan McPherson

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Noon-1 p.m. EST

We live in complicated and changing times — perhaps more so than at any other period in history. We are starting to transition to systems that are more circular, regenerative, inclusive, effective and that mirror the Haudenosaunee principle: to make every decision considering its effect on seven generations.

This change is beginning to happen because we are listening to our scientists, our students, forward looking regulators and entrepreneurs who see opportunity in addressing the defining issue of our time—climate change.  This webinar will focus on the UB’s efforts to take climate action—which was recently ranked No. 1 in the World by the 2021 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.  Specific focus will be given to why now is the time to take climate action, what specific greenhouse gasses need to be mitigated and most importantly how we can take tangible steps to solve the problem.  Join Ryan McPherson, UB’s Chief Sustainability Officer for a conversation around UB’s award winning 10 in 10 Framework—a roadmap of 10 innovative, engaging and digestible steps UB is taking to increase climate action throughout the university and put us on a path to net zero emissions by 2030.  

About Ryan McPherson
As UB’s inaugural chief sustainability officer since 2011, Ryan McPherson has created a culture of innovative and collaborative sustainability at UB and implemented strategies to help position the university as a sustainability leader in the community, state and nation, as well as across higher education.

Among his chief priorities has been setting 10 key strategies to implement within the next decade as part of the university’s climate action plan. He also has worked to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals across campus and New York as part of the broader work to create the next generation of change agents who are building the future we seek.

In part under McPherson’s oversight, UB has already achieved one of its sustainability goals: 100% of the electricity the university uses comes from clean, renewable sources, an achievement that has helped UB reduce its carbon footprint by 35% and put the university on the path to climate neutrality by 2030.

During McPherson’s tenure, UB has received the Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, won the New York State Department of Environmental Excellence Award, and most recently in April of 2021 was rated No. 1 in the world—among 566 colleges and universities—by the Times Higher Education Impact Assessment among universities in taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. As UB’s chief sustainability officer, McPherson is working to create a culture of innovation and collaboration to implement strategies to help position the university as a sustainability leader in the community, state and nation, as well as across higher education.