Events That Fit Your Schedule

You pick the day and time to explore all our on-demand webinars, lectures, tours and more. These previously recorded sessions are designed to fit into your schedule.

Take a tour around a few Buffalo hotspots, learn from fellow UB alumni and check out some UB student performances – the choice is yours!

Learn About Life at and Around UB

Campus Highlights

Take a deeper dive into some amazing places on our campus, and get a feel of how UB continues to create the best places for learning in and outside the classroom. 

Living Our Art

The Center for the Arts is where art gets made at the University of Buffalo, and we welcome you to explore the performances presented by the Departments of Theatre and Dance, Music and the June in Buffalo. Performances were recorded during the past academic year on campus where UB student and faculty artists continued to create and perform.  Enjoy a variety of dance, musical theatre, theatre, choir and musical performances, as well as some behind the scenes features. 

Famous UB Cookie Bake-Along

Our famous UB Cookies are a hit on campus - and now they can be in your home, too! Grab your apron and a baking buddy and make some sweet memories.

Cookie Cutting Template and Guide

  • Download the interlocking UB below 
  • Use this as your cutter guide for the shape of your cookie
  • Trim along the top thin blue line as a guide

Chef's Tip: Do not trim inside the "U" or the "B". This will help the cookie maintain some stability.