Stepping into Your Power to Advance Your Career

girl on a laptop next to positive growth graphs.

Overcome the many barriers to career advancement.

Linda Bucher, MBA '91

Linda Bucher, MBA '91.

Originally presented on
Wednesday, March 27

While some may be outside of your control, most obstacles are easily surmountable once you step into your power. This workshop will help you discover how to bust through and leave behind what’s been keeping you small.

What we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • What’s really preventing women from advancing in the work place
  • How to boost your confidence and step into your power as a value generator
  • Barriers to self promotion and how to dissolve them

About Linda Bucher
Linda Bucher, MBA '91, is a Master Certified Life Coach and business mentor who runs a private practice in Orchard Park, N.Y. Linda works with smart, successful leaders who are hungry for something more. Known as the "clarity and confidence coach," Linda believes that everything you need to be successful in life and business is inside of you, waiting to be revealed. She helps people get out of their own way and get clear and confident so they can go big.