Developing Executive Fundamentals for Career Acceleration

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Drive your executive intuition and progress your career.

Nick Fischer, MA '07, BA '07

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Originally aired
Wednesday, Feb. 6

The Executive Fundamentals Webinar is an opportunity for aspiring executives to learn about the essential principles that drive executive effectiveness and accelerate career progression. Throughout the webinar, we’ll hit on the core fundamentals and how they drive your executive intuition and executive point of view.

About Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer, MA '07, BA '07, is CEO of Cadilus Inc., a managed service and consulting firm founded to bring Fortune 500 business performance management to the middle-markets. He is a seasoned executive with broad industry experience spanning consumer packaged goods, banking, retail and business services.

As a complement to his significant corporate finance background, Nick has emerged as both a strategic and operationally-oriented leader. With extensive experience at Fortune 500 and middle-market businesses, he's demonstrated consistent success in leading organizational change to drive performance improvement.

Nick has focused a significant portion of his career on redefining the traditional role of corporate finance as a true strategic partner at the center of business performance optimization, a topic he regularly addresses through various publications and public speaking engagements.