Becoming a Leader of Character

David Anderson.

These six habits make or break a leader at work and at home.

Dave Anderson, EMBA '01, is a leadership author, keynote speaker, and trainer who will share the number one reason leaders fail. He will explore the six habits that are 100% in everyone’s control to become a “leader of character” and outline specific steps for making these habits part of your life.

A West Point graduate and a decorated combat veteran, Anderson earned a Bronze Star during Operation Desert Storm after leading the fire support team that fired the first ever laser guided artillery combat mission.

With 20 years experience in a multi-national Fortune 50 company, he spent 15 of those years in various leadership positions earning that company’s highest sales leadership award 4 times. He has a syndicated talk radio show, IMPACT Talk Radio, and has written more than 400 articles on leadership and personal growth can be found on his personal website:

Originally presented on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.