Anxiety at Work

anxiety at work.

Mental health is a trillion-dollar problem for companies.

Massoma Alam

Massoma Alam.

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Wedneday, Oct. 17, 2018

Why? According to the World Health Organization, 50 million years of work could be lost to anxiety and depression by 2030. Additionally, according to the American Institute of Stress, 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job while almost half say they need direction on how to manage that stress.

We spend over a third of our weekday lives at work–we see our coworkers more than we see our own families.

Even though the cost of mental health is so high, no one is talking about it. It's still a taboo subject–which remains the biggest problem. Having outlets and proper resources to reduce stress at work can result in happier, stress-free individuals–which, in turn, improves productivity and lives of the individual.

In this webinar, Massoma Alam will discuss her upcoming book “Anxious @ Work,” which dives into research-based key strategies, techniques and tools from successful CEOs, industrial and organizational psychologists and mental health care professionals on how to manage and reduce stress at work.

About Massoma Alam 
Massoma Alam, BA '09, BS '09 is an industrial-organizational practitioner, humanitarian and world traveler. She graduated from UB with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. She later received her master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Massoma interned at the United Nations in New York City for two years with the International Council of Psychologists and Department of Public Information. While at the UN, Massoma spoke as a panelist for two conferences: “Psychological Effects on Refugees” and “Economic Empowerment of Women in the Workplace.” In April 2018, Massoma did a TEDx Talk titled, “Go Spaghetti: Overcoming Anxiety” where she spoke openly about her personal journey with anxiety and panic disorder and how she overcame it.

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