Vaccinations and Why They Are Vital


Take advantage of this special webinar for National Public Health Week.

Jackie Andula, MPH '03, BS '90

Jackie Andula, MPH '03, BS '90.

Originally presented on
Thursday, April 4

Vaccinations have been in many news headlines in recent months. Join Jackie Andula, MPH '03, BS '90, for a better understanding of the history and science of vaccinations and what has brought them to the forefront of the general public.

What we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • The history of the anti-vaccine movement
  • The inaccurate research that was put out about the connectin between autism and MMR vaccine
  • The decreasing rates of MMR vaccine
  • Discussion about the current measles outbreaks across the country with special focus on the outbreak in Washington State

About Jackie Andula
Jackie Andula, graduated from UB's School of Nursing in 1990 and received her master's degree in public health from UB in 2003. Jackie has worked for Erie County her entire 29-year career. She started as a general duty nurse at the Erie County Medical Center and then became the nursing team leader of a geriatrics unit. Jackie moved into public health in 1994 in the STD clinic as a public health nurse and educator. For a short period of time, she did home visiting for teen mothers during pregnancy and after their child was born. After completing her master's program, she moved into an administrative role within the clinical structure of the Erie County Department of Health. Currently, Jackie is responsible for regulatory requirements and quality improvement for the department a the medical care Administrator.