The Secret Language of Freedom

Man on rock, with arms open, facing forward to a mountain range.

Change thinking and speech patterns to break free.

Linda Bucher

Linda Bucher.

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Aug. 28, 2019

You've got your priorities straight: home, family, career and even some time for yourself. So why do you feel shackled?

In this one-hour workshop with Linda Bucher (MBA '91), Master Life Coach and business mentor, you'll learn how the language you choose influences your freedom and simple changes you can make to make to feel free and empowered as you pursue a life and career that fits who you are.

About Linda Bucher
Linda Bucher (MBA '91) is a master certified life coach and business mentor who runs a private practice in Orchard Park, N.Y. Linda works with smart, successful leaders who are hungry for something more. Known as the "Clarity and Confidence Coach," Linda believes that everything you need to be successful in life and business is inside of you, waiting to be revealed. She helps people get out of their own way and get clear and confident so they can go big.