Lessons From Tanzania

Giraffes by wild tree against a blue sky.

Transforming our students and world through high-impact experiential learning.

Dr. Mara Huber

Dr. Mara Huber and friends in Tanzania.

Originally presented on
April 17, 2019

Experiential learning takes the students out of the classroom and into the world for hands-on learning experiences. Students learn more than just what a professor can teach. They experience diverse cultures and meet new, different people—all while learning about themselves.

In this webinar, you'll learn how a chance encounter between Dr. Mara Huber, UB's associate dean for undergraduate research, and nuns from Tanzania has led to a multi-faceted engagement project focused on women's empowerment and social innovation. We'll also hear about how through ongoing travel, exchange and relationship building, members of the UB and Buffalo communities have engaged in deep and exciting progress in the program

About Mara Huber
Dr. Mara Huber currently serves as associate dean for undergraduate research and experiential learning and director of UB Experiential Learning. She is a frequent speaker, writer and facilitator and hosts a blog site at marabhuber.com.