Healing Before You're Cured, Ways to Reduce Stress

Visibly stressed man looking at charts in his office.

Learn how stress affects your body's physical healing process

Dr. Roy Vongtama

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Originally presented on
March 13, 2019

Dr. Roy Vongtama, MD '00, will share three highly effective, scientifically driven techniques and understandings from his newly released book, "HEALING BEFORE YOU'RE CURED, An Evidence-Based Guide to Taking Control of Your Body and Mind."

Even if you can only listen for 15 minutes, you will get something that will change how you deal with stress and improve your health. 

About Dr. Roy Vongtama
Dr. Roy Vongtama is a board-certified cancer specialist with degrees in biological basis of behavior from the University of Pennsylvania, a medical doctorate from the University of Buffalo and postgraduate training at th University of California, Los Angeles. His additional work includes authorship in 14 peer-reviewed scientific papers, hundreds of hours of study in nutrition, positive psychology, emotional wellness and meditation techniques. Dr. Vongtama has completed more than 7,000 hours of silent meditation and has led hundreds of group meditations, as well as given public talks and private coaching for people interested in taking more control over their health. Learn more at thehousesofhealth.com