Connecting Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve

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Linda Bucher

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Originally presented on
July 17, 2019

Imagine that everything you do in your career lights you up. You love the work and it feels like more like play than work. Now imagine the type of personal success you want to achieve. Most people think you have to choose between loving what you do and being successful, but the truth is that there’s a way to achieve both. 

In this webinar, not only will you learn how to identify a career that’s right for you, you’ll become clearer on your own personal definition of success so that you can connect work you love to the success you want to achieve.

About Linda Bucher
Linda Bucher (MBA '91) is a Master Certified Life Coach and business mentor who runs a private practice in Orchard Park, New York. Linda works with smart, successful leaders who are hungry for something more. Known as the "Clarity and Confidence Coach," Linda believes that everything you need to be successful in life and business is inside of you, waiting to be revealed. She helps people get out of their own way and get clear and confident so they can go big.