Advice for Career Change

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Is it time to venture down a new career path?

Susan Feinblatt

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Originally presented on
April 24, 2019

Realizing that you want or need to make a career change can be both exciting and overwhelming. Join Susan Feinblatt, BA '75, as she breaks down all the things you should consider before making that decision.

Whether you’re unhappy, bored, burned out, need to feel inspired again or simply need to make a change so that your career supports your personal needs—this workshop is for you. Join us to learn the steps to take and some important things to avoid to transform your career life into a more satisfying and meaningful career. 

About Susan Feinblatt
Susan Feinblatt assists recent graduates, young professionals and mid-career professionals with career direction and creating job search strategies that produce results. She provides personalized methods to help clients make career transitions whether it is making a career change, a lifestyle change or advancing in their career. Susan is a master’s level career counselor/coach, a licensed professional counselor and a coard-certified counselor. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Buffalo and a master’s degree in career counseling from California State University at Northridge.