Rosalind Steers Estelle to Career That's Closer to Her Heart

Rosalind Jarrett.

UB student Estelle Legros’ problem was simple. “I was stubborn.” Legros admitted this during an online conversation with Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda (BA ’69), executive in charge of publicity for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.  

“This business is all about relationships.”

 In the UB-arranged conversation, biology major Legros asked how best to break into marketing and public relations. She said her father, a vice president of marketing for a local company, had encouraged her growing interest in those fields.

“My father has always been trying to get me into marketing, but I was stubborn. Although I know that networking is key, I feel strange relying on my father for help with other professionals,” Legros said.

Jarrett Sepulveda quickly assured Legros that “family and friends are the best route to starting a network,” and encouraged her to talk with her father’s contacts.

She also advised Legros to take classes in marketing and journalism, join organizations connected to those fields and work as an intern in those areas.

“Volunteering puts you into closer relationships with other people in your field, both junior people like yourself and people further along on their career paths,” Jarrett Sepulveda said. “This business is all about relationships.”

After graduating from UB, Jarrett Sepulveda worked at the Association of American Dance Companies, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Los Angeles PBS television station KCET/28, and ABC Television Network Group. She also served as a public relations consultant for E! Entertainment Television and Jeff Margolis Productions, and is a recipient of the Publicist Guild of America’s Maxwell Weinberg Publicists Showmanship Award, the UB College of Arts and Sciences' Dean's Award and the ICG Publicists' Bob Yaeger Award for public service.