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In My Opinion

Each month we ask you a question about pop culture, about UB, or about your experiences in general.

July Question

Have you ever attended our annual Independence Day celebration? If so, what was your favorite memory? We'd like to know! 

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"In My Opinion" Top Responses

July Question

Have you ever attended our annual Independence Day celebration? If so, what was your favorite memory?
  • Carol Schmeidler , MS, '14, Buffalo, NY “I love going to the fireworks! Over the years I've gone alone and with good friends - great either way. My favorite things are: People watching; Seeing the fireworks all over WNY from the top of the hill as it gets dark - great view; And, of course, being there for the best show over the lake!”
  • Tom Trinchera , BA '94, MLS '96 , Poughkeepsie, NY "I went to the fireworks once: summer 1996, right after I'd gotten my masters in library studies. Last possible year of college & I was there with a girlfriend & a friend. We set ourselves up in the median of Audubon Pkwy & watch the display. Fun stuff! "

June Question

If your career isn't in your field of study, how do you find you use your degree? Do you call upon those skills and that knowledge regularly?
  • Lauren Allen, BA, '07, Washington, DC “I graduated with a degree in Geology and entered the subcontracting world in DC. I found myself drawn more and more to not only the environmental issues of remediation, environmental, and construction projects, but also the human element... that led me to become an EHS Manager at the largest GC in the USA. My degree is always respected - there are a number of transplants in the DC area from NY, PA, OH, etc. - and UB's name is a known quantity. My education supports the work that I do, because an understanding of the hard sciences is incredibly useful for the types of complex problem solving that I have to do as an EHS Manager. Thanks, UB!”
  • Linda Doherty Pratt, BA ’82, Penfield, NY "I would say that I have been able to push the professional boundaries with my degree (and subsequent Master’s degree) .  Skills as detailed observations and identifying factors of change have been applied in my academic mentoring with at-risk students.  Additionally, having a solid background in the structure of language (syntax) has helped me understand linguistic differences in students learning English as a second language."

April Question

If you were to go back to UB today, what would your major be?
  • Stanley Rosen, BS ’51, Las Vegas, NV "I would never change my major of Mechanical Engineering as it allowed me to design and build machines, molds and dies for the Plastics Thermoforming industry and live a satisfying personal and professional life. Half of my career of 50 years was as an employee of machine building firms and the balance of my career was in my own shop at W. Nyack, NY. I now am retired and my son owns the business and Dad is still called on to solve tech problems."
  • Cindy Breslin-Carere, BA, '67, Toronto, ON, Canada “I would most definitely major In French again.
  • That decision not only provided me with a fulfilling 32 year career as a highly successful French Teacher... but through it, I met my life-long friends, and because of it... travelling the 7 continents with my husband was vastly enhanced.”
  • L. Robert (Bob) Lieb, BA '62, Woodland Park, NJ "I was a History and Political Science Major, and If I were to return to UB now, I would resume my studies in the fields I chose then in order to learn how historians and teachers treat with what I have witnessed over the past 56 years ! I had wonderful professors then, and I am sure that the current ones would be equally informative and incisive in their observations. I have witnessed a lot!"
  • Felix Gramza. CPA, BS '59, Buffalo, NY "Repeat the Business  program with Accounting and Computer Science concentrations." 
  • Robert Galbraith, BS '69, East Amherst, NY “I would still pursue a degree in business management, but would take more accounting courses, especially if there were courses in forensic accounting. I enjoyed my career as a criminal investigator with both the federal and NY State governments and would want to perform the same work if given the opportunity in today's world.”
  • Lynn Goldstein , BA '75, Monterey, CA "I majored in Lingusitics and I?d do it again! After I left Buffalo, I went on to to get MA and EdD degrees in linguistics and Applied Lingusitics and have been a professor of Applied Linguistics for 32 years .At Buffalo,  I started as an engineering major , but after key punching too many cards in the basement of Clement , I wanted out , and my advisor suggested I take a linguistics course and the rest is history.   I am retiring at the end of this semester and feel forever grateful to UB starting me off in my career."
  • Arthur A. Gibson, BS '57, Avon, NY "My degree was in Economics and the courses determined my career in Purchasing and Materials Management. (In particular, Dr. Johnston's one semester course in Purchasing!) I found nearly all my courses had applicability in my progression to Vice President of a ten-plant national company. However, I've always had a keen interest in Geography (and maps). Plus, aptitude tests showed  I might be good at architecture. Plenty of possibilities for my "next" life's career!"
  • Angela (Pedersen) Egan, BA '76, Sicklerville, NJ "I would still major in Biology. Still love the sciences. I have has the pleasure and luck of working in my field for a # of years before having kids and have recently gone back to the clinical world. Feel like I have come full circle and still enjoy the challenges and rewards it brings."