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This email is sent monthly as a service for UB alumni and friends. UB alumni are invited to communicate with fellow alumni by submitting a class note via UB Connect or posting to UB alumni social media channels. Send your comments and questions to

November's "In My Opinion"

If you had a vanity plate for your car, what would it say? We'd like to know! 

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"In My Opinion" Top Responses

Recent question: What was your first email service provider? And the bonus question, what year did you start using email?

  • Nikki Niemeyer, MA ’17, Erie, PA "My first email service provider was Hotmail and my grandmother actually helped me set it up. I was 10 years old when I started using email."
  • Mark Weber, BA ’97, Buffalo, NY “I first started with Juno probably in 1997 and I still have and use two Juno email accounts 20 years later, even though Gmail is my primary account these days. I worked in the basement of Clemens Hall North Campus at the "ITC" (Information Technology Center) as my on-campus job all 4 years during the mid-90s. At the time, UB had the "VAX" system for email and Internet stuff. My email was, I think. General use school computer screens were just green text on a black background at the time."
  • Thomas Pellitieri, BA ’83, Toledo, OH "My first e-mail address was when I started grad school at UB in 1983.  Standard at the time was to use the first six letters of the last name (not a good choice), so the account manager set up my user name based on my nickname: hobbit.
  • My first address was officially {allegra|seismo}!rochester!rocksvax!sunybcs!hobbit
    My first commercial account was with CompuServe.  I also had a GEnie and Prodigy account before I got married.  That year (1993), my wife and I set up a joint AOL account."
  • Dori Sajdak (Giamellaro), BA ’95, Buffalo, NY "My first email provider was UB!  I entered as a freshman in 1991.  I started using it in 1992 when my brother went to the University of Wyoming.  He was the only other person I knew with email!  It was a great communication tool for us and saved lots of money on long distance phone calls.  I got my first taste of a browser my senior year when the Department of Geography installed Netscape.”
  • Steve Reynolds, BS ’76, Midwest City, OK “Started using AOL in 1997 and still use it. It is more reliable than my cable provider's email, even using it over cable high-speed internet. Also have it in so many reminders & renewals, I'd miss some if I changed.”
  • Carl Weiss, MBA ‘07, Westfield, NJ “I created my first email account when I graduated from my undergraduate program in 2001. It was a Hotmail account that I still use today! I get funny looks when I give it out when I am signing up for anything.”
  • Caryn Sobieski-VanDelinder, BFA, EdM, Buffalo, NY “Believe it or not, I still use Hotmail, almost exclusively as one of my primary personal email accounts outside of my work at UB. Why abandon what works?! My dad still has an AOL email account from the early 90's, which he still uses to this day. And the chat rooms; how cool was that!”
  • Debbie Sinkin Kaplan, BS ’78, Northport, NY “Netscape email.... late 90's I believe. I still use it!”
  • Tom Buchanan, BA ’82, Londonberry, VT “I gave up my WWE owned user name (Qusiduh) when I left the company in 2001. I still have my personal America On-line user name from the 1990’s, and these days I use AOL as a backup for my primary Gmail account.”

Recent question: Incoming freshmen and other new students to UB mean new friendships are being forged every day. Where are your UB friends? Do you still keep in touch?

  • Angela, BS '76, New Jersey "I still keep in touch with and see, though not as much as we both would like, a fellow dorm mate from Porter Quad. Still remember many other of my dorm mates with fond memories. Living away at U.B was one of the several highlights of my life so far. We were the first residents of the Ellicott complex!"
  • Elizabeth Saltzgaber Peters, BA '79, Rochester, NY "I still keep in contact with my sophomore roommate, Ellen Calbo Salvaggio.  We roomed together in Fargo for the 1977-78 school year.  You will make lifelong friends at UB!"
  • Emily Patterson Harris, MLS '78, Tulsa, OK "No! I regret that I haven't kept in touch with my classmates in the School of Library and Information Studies. It was a wonderful program, and I cherish my days in Buffalo.  In fact, I still have recipes exchanged during a class assignment. However, I'm a thousand miles away in my hometown of Tulsa. Best wishes to all the great people I attended class with and got to know." 

Recent question: These days, the average weight of a student's full backpack can be upwards of 20 pounds! That's a lot of books and supplies. We'd like to know—which book(s) made your load the heaviest?

  • Stan Rosen, BS '51, Las Vegas, NV "During my last year 1951 at the U.B Engineering school I carried approx.two pounds of school supplies. My load consisted of an old hospital fever chart with homework and blank note paper a 6 inch long slide rule and a Scripto mechanical pencil with an eraser. My books were at home unless they were needed for occasional class work."
  • Jeff Kushner, MS '77, BS '75, Edinboro, PA "Gray's Anatomy Summer '72."
  • MIke O'Neil, BS '70, Delran, NJ "Yes, the text books were heavy, but how about those boxes of computer punch-cards for the early computer classes?  There could have been hundreds or even thousands of computer cards, which we had to bring to the computer lab, to run the programs.  Wow, how computers have changed in the past 47 years!"
  • Eulalia Ralph, BS '88, Punta Gorda, FL "Chemistry Biology,physics,disease and therapeutics Practically all science texts!!!" 
  • Thomas Pellitieri, BA '93, Toledo, OH "The Calculus and Physics textbooks were HUGE!  Oversized (9"x12"), thick (3"), and hard cover!  Backpacks were designed for camping then, so I bought a shoulder bag with outside pockets from Brand Names.  (Still have it, although it's too worn out to use.)"