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March Question

Which song instantly takes you back to your days at UB? We'd like to know! 

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"In My Opinion" Top Responses

February Question

Did you or any of your fellow classmates find true love at UB?
  • Divya Vani , MS ’17, Buffalo, NY "Yes I did! I have found love in UB with an incredibly intelligent, handsome and funny man whose name is Akhilesh. I will be forever grateful to UB not just for the pool of knowledge and resources it has provided me but also for the magic it brought in my life."
  • Dalene Aylward , EdM, '03, BS '01, Getzville, NY “I met my husband at the Student Union (SU) Information Booth, where I had been working as a SU Building Manager. We later connected through one of the campus ministries, & the next semester he became a SU Building Manager as well! We learned we worked very well together. Additionally, my sister met her husband through the same campus ministry. My husband & I, & later my sister & her husband, were married at the Little White Church, on the border of campus on Frontier Rd.”
  • Gillian Julius , BS '02, and Harold Hotchkiss, BA ’01, Erie, PA “Harold and I met way back at the beginning of our freshman year in Governors. I was playing the piano in the common area and he came to see who was playing. After many years of being 'just friends' we realized there was a lifelong magic brewing. We're now 12 years married and are still best friends.”
  • Heidi Mohr, BA '90, Amherst, NY "I was a board member at Schussmeisters Ski Club while a student at UB in 1987.  It was my turn to run the spring break trip to Daytona Beach, FL. Dan Cassidy (my husband of 25 years) and his friends/floormates- I think there were 8 of them- came on the trip. It cost $199 for the week's trip! We wound up talking on the bus all night while  everyone else was sleeping or passed out. From that conversation grew a relationship with my best friend of the last 30 years. In 2003, we left Buffalo on a 7 year odyssey to Calgary & Seattle and returned home 7.5 years ago with a 10 year old daughter.  Who loves UB, BTW! We go to UB football & BB games and she knows all of the players- and they know her! We're hoping to travel to Cleveland soon with all of our BB friends AGAIN to see UB win the tournament in a few weeks."
  • Stanley Rosen, BS '51, Las Vegas, NV "My good friend and I both married local Buffalo girls...We were both G.I. Bill engineering students in the early 1950's in a school that had only one female student and whose average age was 27. married soon after graduation and returned to New York City. We both stayed married to our spouses for life." 
  • Bill Heiberger, BS '86, and Maureen Heiberger, MS '88, Wapole, MA "We met during our freshman year in Fargo Quad. We have been married for 27 years & two of our children are students at UB. Looks like we started a legacy!"
  • AJ "Mick" Di Mattia, BA '86, Ridgefield, CT "In the late '60's, Cupid seemingly lurked within, if not, perhaps held a staff job, in the University Housing Office: Judy Galza (Goodyear Hall Head Resident '66-'68 ) & I(Tower Hall RA ''67-'68) have now been married 48+ years; my roommate, Joe Passiment (Allenhurst Garden Apartments RA '68-'69) & Alissa Bokino (Clement Hall RA '67-'69) also have now been married 48+ years; and Joe Passiment's and my RA, John Lucas (Tower Hall RA '66-'68) & Ellie Cantwell (McDonald Hall RA & Michael  Hall Assistant Head Resident '67-'68) have now been married 49+ years ... and all of us have remained lifelong and loving friends."
  • Nancy Campos , EdM '09, BA '06, Saugerties, NY "My husband, Beynan Ransom (MS, 2013, MS 2015), and I met at UB while in graduate school thanks to our advisor, mentor, and my Buffalo mom, Dr. Letitia Thomas. Our first interaction was during a networking event I was working and he was participating in. To say we did not hit it off right away is a bit of an understatement. We continued to see each other at UB STEM workshops and events for about 3 years, making small talk, before we began dating. This May we will be celebrating our first anniversary as a married couple."

December Question

Did you take advantage of Black Friday deals, either online or from a brick-and-mortar store?
  • Giselle Zabranskey, BA ’10, Buffalo, NY "There was a particular set of headphones we had our eyes on for our daughter and the day before Thanksgiving my husband and I saw an ad for the exact color we had wanted to purchase. $25 cheaper than the best internet price we had found, in-store ONLY! At 9am on Black Friday (very late for the serious shoppers) my husband said "Why don't we go see, maybe they have some left..." "No way!At that price at this hour?!Not a chance!" I said. He convinced me to go with him, the store was only 5 minutes away, after all, and when we got there we were pleasantly suprised!The clerk said "Oh yes, we still have some!" and not even 20 minutes later we had left the store with the MUST-HAVE headphones! It goes to show that there are deals to be found even after all the doorbuster insanity at 5am."
  • Letitia Thomas, PhD, '06, MA '00, EdM '93, Buffalo, NY “I hit the brick and mortar stores late Thursday evening. I like to be out there, to see the merchandise up close. I did use my cell phone to compare store prices to Amazon.”
  • Tom Trinchera, MLS '96, BA ’94, Poughkeepsie, NY “Yes I did! I don't usually do my holiday shopping on Black Friday and I didn't this year BUT my brother's birthday is very close to Thanksgiving so while I was in Rochester for the holiday visiting him and the rest of my family, I went to the area's coolest record store, Record Archive & I was able to find 2 of the 3 CDs he'd asked for! Felt really good to shop in an independent business -- Record Archive is so big it's not really accurate to call it a "small biz". ”

November's Question

If you had a vanity plate for your car, what would it say?

  • Diane S. Whatley, BA ’64, Dunedin, FL "CIAO BABY on my Alpha Romeo Spider."
  • Steve Greemnerg, Ed.M ’68, East Amherst, NY “PIRROUND. which, for those who'll take the time to think about, is pronounced pie are round. Now that's the usual scenario for pies ( circular in shape). In reality, pie are squared."
  • Alan Ehrlich, BA ’63, Delray Beach, FL "PHD JDThose are my advanced degrees and that vanity tag was on both my front and rear plates in Maryland.  Now that I have moved to Florida permanently in retirement, where we only have one plate, I am thinking of a UB plate for the front. I decided not to use the PHD JD in Florida because I am retired and not using the degrees.  So for the official Florida tag, they gave me IKE ***, even though I am a Democrat."
  • Martin Link, BS ’75, East Aurora, NY "BLNHEROS
  • As a veteran,I am a strong supporter of WWP, Wounded Warriors Project.   They launched their Believe In Heroes campaign to put the VETERAN back into Veterans Day 2011.   That spirit yet lives on daily at WWP and is now embraced across police, fire and first responders.”
  • Hollis Kulwin, JD ’81, Sacramento, CA “I moved from Buffalo to Los Angeles in 1981, after graduating from SUNY Law School.  I applied for, and received, a vanity plate that said "BFLO2LA."  I've met lots of western NY folks who come up to me in parking lots because they understand my plate.  I've also met lots of folks who ask "what the heck does your plate say?"  Even though I moved to Sacramento in 2002, I kept my original plate.  Why?  Because "BFLO2SAC" is too many letters for the CA DMV to approve and I love my BFLO plate! ”
  • Tom Trinchera, MLS '96, BA ’94, Poughkeepsie, NY “I bought my first car as a UB grad student early in 1995 -- a green Dodge Neon, great car, had it for 8 yrs! I wanted to have a license plate that read "ON LOAN" but it never materialized. I also thought that when I finally paid it off I'd have a new one made that'd read "PAID FOR.”