Follow-Up Software Labs

Still struggling with the software after attending a class?  Attend a follow-up session to sit side-by-side with one of our experts who will guide you through the challenges you are facing with the software.

Maybe it’s an Excel formula that just won’t work or a Word formatting issue you can’t figure out. Whatever the issue, our team can assist in solving your challenge.  This lab is offered at least once a month.

On this page:

Learning Outcomes

  • Personalized attention to help solve a Microsoft product issue you face
  • Guidance and step-by-step solutions to follow back in the office

Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff


Attended the Introduction level class for the product with which you require help and bring your file with you to the computer lab



Class Schedule and Registration

Log in to UB EDGE to view class dates and register. (Don't have a UB EDGE account? Search for dates on the UB Calendar and email or call 716-645-4459 to register.)

May Also Interest You


Rosanne Steinmetz

Owner and Instructor

Quality PC Training

Contact for Questions

Kerry Lynch

Kerry Gangi

Program Coordinator & Communications Specialist

Organizational Development and Training

Phone: 716-645-4459


The University at Buffalo is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with any disabilities. If you require accommodations to participate in this session, please contact Organizational Development & Training (OD&T) at (716) 645-4459 or prior to attending the class. Please allow ample time for OD&T to work with the Office of Accessibility Resources to arrange accommodations.