UB EAP Self Care Day

Learn simple self-care practices for a healthy mind, body and soul by learning more about the benefits of exercise, massage, proper nutrition and environmental health. Interact with therapy dogs, get a massage, and visit vendor tables. Continental breakfast and lunch included. 

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn simple self care practices for a healthy mind, body and soul
  • Learn more about the benefits of exercise, massage and proper nutrition

Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff





Class Schedule and Registration

UB faculty and staff, please log in to UB EDGE to register. For assistance with UB EDGE, please email training@buffalo.edu or call 645-4459.

All others please email ub-eap@buffalo.edu or call 645-4461 to register. If you wish to keep your registration and attendance for this EAP class private from your manager and others at UB, please register with EAP directly via email ub-eap@buffalo.edu or call 645-4461.

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Contact for Questions

UB EAP Staff

Employee Assistance Program

Phone: 716-645-4461

Email: ub-eap@buffalo.edu