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Order the finishing that will save you time and make your copy job look professional.

Finishing Options


Placing documents in a specific order (1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3)

Cutting and Trimming

Cut any piece of paper down to a specific size from 2" to 20"


Holes can be drilled to specific measurements up to 3 holes


Preserve your documents by laminating any size up to 42" wide


Half, tri-fold, quarters

NCR Gluing

Glue applied to NCR paper to create separate multiple part forms


Documents can be printed with a specific number in sequential order


Glue applied to edge of a stack of paper to create a memo pad

Perfect Binding

Glue binding with a wraparound cover


Documents that need a portion to be detached e.g. a raffle ticket or coupon


Documents that need to be folded can be scored to achieve a uniform fold

Shrink Wrapping

Clear plastic film used to hold documents together if no other binding is required

Spiral Binding

Coil that is spiraled through holes punched along the side of a stack of paper


Staples can be applied to either right or left corners of documents in landscape or portrait format. Staples can also be applied to the center of a document to be folded down the middle to create a booklet

Tape Binding

Black strip that adheres to both covers and inside pages

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