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Date Established: 11/12/2008
Date Last Revised:
Category: Information Technology
Responsible Office: Enterprise Infrastructure Services
Responsible Executive: Chief Information Officer

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Listserv Policy


The UB Central Information Technology (UB CIT) organization offers the listserv mailing list service for University-related communications.

This service can only be requested by University faculty and staff for the following purposes:

  • Conducting official UB business
  • Supporting UB's research initiatives
  • Departmental communication
  • Academic communication
  • UB instructional activities
  • Officially-sponsored student clubs or organization
  • Regional organizations or government agencies officially affiliated with UB

It is not the intention of UB IT to be a national mailing list service provider

A list owner, who is responsible for the list, requests a list, names it and sets up the configuration for the list. Among the configuration options are whether a list name is publicly viewable and whether a list will have its messages archived.

When a list owner sets up or configures the list, s/he determines not only whether the messages will be archived, but also who can view the archives. Most list owners configure the archives to be viewable only by members subscribed to the list. A public list may have its name viewable on the web page of public list archives, but the archives may be protected so that only those subscribed to the list can view archived messages.

As an academic institution and a New York State government entity, the University supports the concept that freedom of speech and the discussion of unpopular views are important in a free and democratic society. UB IT support staff will not remove content from listserv archives unless the content is in clear violation of University policies or Federal or State laws. We do expect contributors to listserv lists to abide by the following policies:


Requests for distribution lists are accepted only from UB faculty and staff. UB IT will create lists, provide support for list owners, and maintain the list server software (LISTSERV). Lists are reviewed periodically to see if they are active: a list is considered active if it has distributed email to its subscribers within the past 12 months. Inactive lists will be automatically removed with the exception of lists used solely for emergency notification. List owners of emergency notification lists are asked to contact with the list name, a brief description of the list, and the fact that the list is used for emergency notification.

UB IT does not monitor the content of messages and list archives. List owners have responsibility for the lists, including monitoring discussion on the list and the content of messages and archives and enforcing rules of conduct for the list. List owners are also responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of their list(s), including adding and deleting subscribers, answering questions from list subscribers, and assisting UB IT in resolving problems related to the list(s).

Archived messages will be retained for a maximum of five years. UB IT reserves the right to remove archives from individual lists that use excessive amounts of storage.

Users are encouraged to send links (URLs) to documents on the Web, rather than large attached documents in their email to a list. UB IT provides web space for departments, faculty, staff, and students for this purpose. Mass mailing requests to the University community must follow the UB Email for Mass Communications Policy referenced above.


Applicability of Policy

This policy applies to all University data regardless of its medium and/or form, and to all those who handle University information (faculty, staff, students, third party contractors, and any others).

Policy Review and Update

The Chief Information Officer or his designee will periodically review and update this policy as needed. Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Office of the Associate VP for Information Technology.


Violations of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with University policies, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and state and federal laws.

Contact Information

Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services
305c Computing Center
Buffalo, NY  14260
Phone:  716-645-2298

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