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The Policy Review Group (PRG) is a standing advisory, working group comprised of campus administrators who thoroughly review proposed policies and substantial revisions to existing policies. The PRG provides advice and recommendations as well as a university-wide perspective.

Policy Review Group Charge

The University at Buffalo is committed to providing a transparent, inclusive and collaborative process to develop and review university policies.

Recognizing the important role that a clearly defined policy process has in university governance, the Policy Review Group (PRG) supports the policy process by reviewing new policies and revisions to existing policies. The PRG provides a university-wide perspective as well as advice and recommendations so that policies best reflect the needs of the institution and support the university’s mission. The review process ensures that policies are understandable, implementable and cost-effective.

The PRG is a standing committee comprised of individuals from key stakeholder units across the university; the group is facilitated by the Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls Office. Committee members are tasked with reviewing and commenting on new and revised university policies. The responsibility to provide feedback may require the committee member to solicit and share input from others in their area.

The PRG meets every other month with a formal agenda of policies to review. Policies presented to the PRG are nearly final, vetted by appropriate stakeholders with due diligence conducted during the policy writing process. Interested individuals who are not members of the PRG are welcome to attend PRG meetings and provide feedback.

The PRG was established in conjunction with the approval and implementation of the Development and Issuance of University Policies policy, signed by President John Simpson in February 2007. This policy was reviewed, updated and signed by President Satish Tripathi in July 2016. The policy title was changed to Developing University Policies.

Policy Review Group Members

Policy Review Group Members by Unit
Athletics Ian Frost
Campus Living Michelle Johnson
Larissa Kowalczyk
College of Arts and Sciences Martin Camacho
Michelle Scott
Ann Segarra
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Faren Gault Wilson
Financial Management Zachary Root
Information Technology Sarah Mack
Internal Audit Freda Benton
International Education Patricia Shyhalla
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Sandra Drabek
Office of the Provost Kenneth Suski
Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls Pamela Lojacono
Carrie Woodrow
Research and Economic Development Elizabeth Cimasi
Resource Planning Peter DiNunzio
School of Dental Medicine Tirzah Evege-Thompson
School of Law Marlene Cook
School of Management Debra Lowe
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Kristin Gniazdowski
School of Public Health and Health Professions Kristina Costanzo-Metcalfe
School of Social Work
Irene Mucci
Student Life
Beth Rogan
University Advancement Mark Rotella
University at Buffalo Foundation
Elaine Schaffer
University Communications Daniel Baker
University Facilities David Vasbinder

2021-22 Meeting Schedule and Agenda

The Policy Review Group meets every other month, on the second Monday of the month, at 2:30 p.m. via Zoom.

PRG Meeting Date and Policy Agenda
July 12, 2021 no meeting
September 13, 2021 Philanthropic Funds
November 8, 2021 Allowable Use of Funds
January 10, 2022 Central Email
Identification (ID) Photo Use
March 14, 2022 to be determined
May 9, 2022 to be determined
July 11, 2022 to be determined
September 12, 2022 to be determined
November 14, 2022 to be determined

Prior Year Meeting Agendas

Contact an Expert

Pam Lojacono.

Pamela Lojacono

Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls

Phone: 716-645-6070

Email: plojacon@buffalo.edu

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