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UB SWAP is a resource designed to efficiently and effectively aid departments in redistributing equipment and supplies throughout the university.

How Does UB SWAP Work?

Any UB employee can advertise the availability of UB-owned equipment and supplies on UB SWAP for other UB staff or faculty to obtain for work-related purposes.  All exchanges of a particular item(s) are between the two parties involved.

Mobile Users

For the best experience using this application, use a non-mobile device.

UB SWAP Instructions

1. Log on using your UBITName and password.

2. To search for an item, click on the View All Listings link. Search for an item using the Categories pull-down menu.

3. To see current items you have listed, click on My Listings.

4. To add a listing, click on the Add a Listing link. Enter the required information into the following fields:

  • Item name
  • Description
  • Select a category
  • Select a sub category
  • Enter the condition of the item, the quantity, what the item is, a price (if there is one),location of goods and asset number (if there is one).
  • Once all of the necessary fields are filled out, click on the Add item button to submit the item to the list. Repeat steps 1-4 to add another item to the list.

5. To obtain or purchase a listing:

  • Click on the item listed in the table. Review the details of the item.
  • Click on the “I want Item” button. An email to the listing department is automatically generated for you. All arrangements for items must be made between the two parties. Arrange for payment via an Interdepartmental Invoice (IDI), if appropriate. Any item that has an asset number on it must be reported on an Inventory Data Change form, when transferring asset to another department.

6. To arrange for the transfer of a listing: Once a party declares interest in obtaining your item, it is up to them to determine whether they will pick up the item themselves or will arrange with University Facilities, Customer Service to pick up and deliver. For items recorded in the SUNY Real Asset Management (RAM) System, be sure to have the department obtaining the item sign a receipt. Keep the receipt with your inventory data.

General UB SWAP Information

  • For information on the disposal of hazardous materials, please contact Environment Health & Safety.
  • Replies and inquiries regarding listings should be emailed directly to the submitter of the listing.  Do not contact Asset Management for information regarding a specific listing.
  • All listings are posted for a maximum of 90 days. Listing party may elect a shorter time frame.  An item will remain on the website for five additional days once it’s closed or expired. This will allow the listing party to re-open the listing for another 90 days, if desired.
  • UB departments using this site to transfer items must arrange with University Facilities, Customer Service, 645-2025, to arrange for pick-up and delivery.  Do not contact Asset Management for information regarding pick-up.
  • Items listed are at the location indicated on the Listing Page.  Do not contact the Helm Warehouse unless their location is indicated.
Proper Procedures

Items not transferred or sold continue to be the responsibility of the listing party.  If no one is interested in the listed items, the listing party should then follow the Equipment Disposal procedures.

Responsibilities of the Listing Party

  • Completely fill out item profile.
  • If item is a computer, be sure all files have been deleted from the hard drive.
  • Negotiate the transfer or sale with prospective department.
  • If item is recorded on your departmental inventory, make sure you have a signed receipt as your proof of transfer listing all asset numbers.

Sample Receipt

Date  ______________

The following asset was transferred by department Inventory account number ___________
to the Department of ______________, Inventory account number ___________.

Asset # ___________________

Serial # ___________________

Description _____________________________________________________________

Name and Phone # of Person transferring ___________________________________

Name and Phone # of Person receiving ______________________________________

 If no one is interested in your listed item(s), follow the guidelines for Equipment Disposal

Responsibilities of Department Obtaining Items

  • Negotiate the transfer or sale with Listing Party.
  • Arrange with University Facilities, Customer Service at 645-2025 (if necessary) to arrange for pick-up and delivery of item(s) to new location.
  • If item is equipment recorded in the RAM, fill out an Inventory Data Change Form, identifying the asset number(s) and noting new account number, building and room number, along with new end user.  Forward to Asset Management at 418 Crofts Hall.
  • If Listing Party is charging for the item, arrange for payment to be made to Listing Party via an Interdepartmental Invoice (IDI).
Need New Category?

To request a new category or subcategory, please send an email to Asset Management

Contact an Expert

Nicole Mayer.

Nicole Mayer

Asset Management, Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-4556

Email: ubs-assetmanagement@buffalo.edu

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