FAQs About Inventory and UB SWAP

When reviewing my Inventory, I’m finding some pieces of equipment that have the bar-coded tags that do not appear on my Inventory printout. What should I do? Should I add these to the bottom of the Inventory sheets?

In April, 2008, the cost threshold for adding equipment to the RAM was increased to $5,000.00. Equipment below the new cost threshold was purged from the RAM. This is the reason why you find equipment bar-coded but not on your Inventory printout. If you are unsure if this is the reason, please make a note of the item on the Inventory when you return it and a staff member will contact you.

Why is it necessary to initial or sign my Re-Inventory Report prior to submitting it to Inventory Services?

It is necessary to sign the cover page to ensure the inventory has been received and all pages reviewed.

I saw some equipment in the hallway with a “Disposal Form” on it. Can I take it home?

No. This equipment, even though it may be in “scrap” condition, belongs to the University at Buffalo and must be disposed of by University Facilities.

My chair is broken and I have just received a new one. Can I put my old chair in the hallway or loading dock for disposal?

Equipment may not be placed in hallways, loading docks, or other common areas; this is a violation of fire and safety codes. As noted above, complete a Disposal Form and send to Inventory Services.

My printer no longer works. Can I just throw it in the wastebasket?

Equipment may not be thrown in the waste basket; equipment is UB property. Complete a Disposal Form indicating the asset number if there is one, serial number, and location of the asset.  UB Facilities works with a scrap metal recycler and all aspects of the items which can be recycled are utilized. Read about how to remove data and clean your computer for recycling.

When I do my inventory, I can’t find some of the assets. What should I do?

On your Inventory printout, write the word “unaccountable” in the left margin next to the asset number. After your inventory is updated in the RAM, Inventory Services will generate a report of all assets noted as unaccountable. The report will be sent to you, asking for your review. If the asset still cannot be found, a memo (on departmental stationery) signed by the department head should be sent to Inventory Services. The memo should indicate that all efforts to locate the asset(s) have been exhausted and that your department is asking Inventory Services to remove the asset(s) from your Inventory.

I recently received a new copier. Can I give my old copier to someone else in my building?

Yes, but you will need to complete an Inventory Data Change Form and send it to Inventory Services. We will make the changes to your Inventory, updating the new department, location, and new end-user.

Are there still surplus items stored at the Helm Warehouse?

There are some surplus items (mostly furniture) stored at Helm Warehouse.  The Warehouse personnel are listing available items on UB SWAP.  However, there may be a delay from the time an item arrives at Helm and the actual date it is listed on UB SWAP.  If you are looking for a particular item and don’t see it listed, you may call Helm Warehouse at 645-2740.  As is always the case, be sure to call ahead to set up a convenient time to see the item you may be interested in. Walk-ins are not recommended.

If I sell a state asset, but I receive payment to a Research Foundation award, does this change the ownership of this asset?

The asset remains a state asset in the RAM. Selling it to another department on campus does not change how the asset was originally acquired. However, the department acquiring the asset will need to inform Inventory Services of its new location, end user, and department.

I don’t see the category I am looking for listed, what do I do?

To request a new category or subcategory, please send an email to Inventory Services Manager.

My item has a price. How do I ensure payment for the item?

Arrange for payment to be made to listing department via an Interdepartmental Invoice (IDI) if appropriate for your circumstances.

What if no one wants the items I have posted?

Items NOT transferred/sold continue to be the responsibility of the listing party.  If no one is interested in the listed items after 90 days, the listing party should then follow the Equipment Disposal guidelines.

If someone interested in listing an item, what do I need to do?

1. Completely fill out the item profile.

2. If the item is a computer, be sure all files have been deleted from the hard drive.

3. Negotiate transfer/sale with prospective department.

4. If the item is recorded on your departmental inventory, make sure you have a signed receipt as your proof of transfer listing all asset numbers. Below is a sample receipt.   Also, be sure to send a Data Change Form to Inventory Services to update your inventory.

Sample Receipt

Date ___________

The following asset was transferred by department account number___________
to the Department of ______________, Inventory account number ________________.

Asset # ___________________

Serial # ___________________

Description _____________________________________________________________

Name and Phone # of Person transferring ___________________________________

Name and Phone # of Person receiving ______________________________________

My item has an asset number. How do I update my inventory?

If the item is equipment recorded in the RAM, fill out an Inventory Data Change Form identifying the asset number(s) and noting new account number, building and room number, along with new end user.  Forward the completed form to Inventory Services at 206 Crofts Hall.  Also, be sure you have a signed receipt as your proof of transfer listing all asset numbers.

How do I get the items to the office that wants them?

Campus departments using SWAP should arrange with University Facilities, Customer Service, for pick-up and delivery.  Their phone number is 645-2025.  Neither the Helm Warehouse nor Inventory Services can assist with the pick-up or delevery of items. 

For how long will my item be posted?

All listings are posted for a maximum of 90 days.  The listing party may elect a shorter timeframe.

How do I dispose of hazardous materials?

For information on the disposal of hazardous materials, please contact UB Environment, Health & Safety, 829-2401. 

What should I do if I want an item?

Negotiate the transfer or sale with prospective department and arrange with University Facilities, Customer Service at 645-2025 (if necessary) to pick up and deliver item(s) to new location.  Neither the Helm Warehouse nor Inventory Services will be able to help you with this.

How do I inquire about a particular listing?

Replies and inquiries regarding listings should be emailed directly to the submitter of the listing.  Do not contact Inventory Services for information regarding a specific listing as they will not be able to help you with this.

Can I leave my items in the hallway until someone wants them?

No items may be left in the hallway.  See the “Corridor Use Policy” at Environment, Health & Safety’s website, at ehs.buffalo.edu.

How long will my item remain on the site once it has closed?

An item will remain on the website for five additional days once it is closed or expired.  This will allow the listing party to re-open the listing for another 90 days, if desired.

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