View Document Workflow

In ShopBlue, you can check the status of a requisition or purchase order by seeing where it is located in the workflow.

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How to View the Document Workflow

1. Search Documents

On the ShopBlue home page, access the “Documents” sub-menu on the toolbar. In “Document Search,” select “Search Documents” (Figure 1).

figure 1 of search documents.

Figure 1

2. Select Document Type

In the first dropdown menu, select the appropriate document type (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of select document type.

Figure 2

3. Enter Document Number

After you’ve selected the document type, enter the document number in the second field (Figure 3). 

Note: to view a list of all your documents or all your documents of a specific type, select the desired document type, then select “All Dates” in the date range, then click “Go.”

Figure 3 of enter document number.

Figure 3

4. Select Document Number

Select the appropriate document by selecting the document number (Figure 4).

Figure 4 of select document number.

Figure 4

5. Select PR Approvals

Select PR Approvals (Figure 5).

Figure 5 of select pr approvals.

Figure 5

6. View Order Status and Workflow

On the “PR Approvals” page, you can see the status of an order and the location within the workflow (Figure 6).

Figure 6 of view order status and workflo.

Figure 6