Search for Products

Conduct a basic or advanced search for a specific product in the Shop widget.

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Complete a Basic Search

1. Use Shop Search

In the “Shop” widget, enter the desired product in the search bar and select search (magnifying glass icon) (Figure 1).

Figure 1 screenshot of basic search for products.

Figure 1

How to Complete an Advanced Search

If your search has too little results, try these hints:

1. View More Page Results

  • View more results per page by selecting more than the default 20 results per page (Figure 2).
Figure 2 screenshot of search results per page.

Figure 2

2. Select a Search Category

  • Select a search category (instead of search everything) (Figure 3).
Figure 3 screenshot of search for products drop down menu.

Figure 3

3. Use Advanced Search

  • Click to use advanced search (Figure 4).
Figure 4 screenshot of search bar.

Figure 4

  • Specify Supplier, part number, manufacturer name (Figure 5).
Figure 5 screenshot of search filter.

Figure 5

4. Filter the Results

Filter results by Supplier, category, manufacture. Click on one option or click on the filter button to filter by more than one (Figure 6).

Figure 6 screenshot of search bar.

Figure 6