Adding an Additional Approver by Assigning Cart

One way to get additional approval for a purchase requisition is to assign the cart to an additional approver. This will allow the purchase requisition to leave the original user’s queue and enter the additional approver’s queue. 

This option should be used when no additional actions are required by the original user and they are finished with their portion of the requisition. All that is needed is the additional approval. 

Add Additional Approver by Assigning Cart

1. Proceed to Checkout

As a requestor, when you have completed shopping, proceed to checkout from your shopping cart (Figure 1).

Figure 1 of add approver step.

Figure 1

2. Assign Cart

After you have completed the required fields, select Assign Cart (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of add approver step.

Figure 2

3. Search for an Assignee

On the Assign Cart pop-up, select Search for an Assignee (Figure 3).

Figure 3 of add approver steps.

Figure 3

4. User Search

When searching for an assignee, you can narrow your search by entering the appropriate criteria, then select Search (Figure 4).

Figure 4 of add approver steps.

Figure 4

5. Select the Appropriate Approver

After searching for an assignee, select the appropriate approver (Figure 5).

Figure 5 of add approver steps.

Figure 5

6. Select Assignee

After you select the appropriate assignee, you will be brought back to the Assign Cart screen. Notice the selected approver populates in the “Selected Assignee” field. Here, you can add a note to send to the assignee. You can also save the assignee to your profile for future use. When finished, select “Assign” (Figure 6.) 

Figure 6 of add approver steps.

Figure 6

7. Review Next Steps

After you assign the cart, the purchase requisition will be forwarded to the additional approver’s queue. The additional approver can then approve or reject the requisition. If they approve, the requisition will then be forwarded to the original approver (Figure 7).

Figure 7 of add approver steps.

Figure 7