FAQs About UBF PCards

  • I accidentally charged something to my Procurement Card.

    • Note the personal charge on your Concur report.
    • Checks should be payable to UBFA and sent immediately. Do not send directly to American Express.
    • Continued accidental charges may result in suspension or termination of the card.
  • Can someone else use my PCard?

    No, the individual named on the face of the card is the only person authorized to use the card. Cards cannot be shared. If you will be out of the office for an extended period of time, contact Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748 to request a temporary suspension.

  • I can’t locate my receipt or invoice.

    Contact the supplier to request a replacement receipt or invoice. If the supplier cannot produce a replacement, contact your Accounts Payable Associate for assistance.

  • I received an email or phone call from American Express indicating my card has been compromised. What do I do?

    • Contact American Express at 1-800-492-4920 for assistance.
    • If the card has been compromised, report the issue to Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748.
  • My card has been lost or stolen, what do I do?

    To report lost or stolen cards:

  • I was charged sales tax, what do I do?

    Contact the supplier and request a refund to the card for any sales tax paid. Supply the UBF Activities Sales Tax Exempt Certificate or UBF Services Sales Tax Exempt Certificate Be sure to include the University at Buffalo Foundation in any billing profile to match the Sales Tax Exempt Certificate. 

  • How do I contact American Express?

    American Express Customer Support

  • I don’t recognize one of my transactions. Who do I call?

    If possible, try to contact the supplier to investigate. If you cannot identify the transaction or reach the supplier, contact American Express at 1-800-492-4920. For additional assistance, contact your Accounts Payable Associate or Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748.

  • I don’t agree with a transaction, and I need to file a dispute.

    To file a dispute, contact American Express via telephone at 1-800-492-4920. Disputes must be submitted to American Express within 60 days of the statement. Retain documentation and list the transaction on your monthly summary noting it is in dispute. Retain documentation of the dispute for your records. For additional assistance, contact your Accounts Payable Associate or Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748.

  • I am leaving my position, what do I do?

    Contact your Accounts Payable Associate or contact Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748 for assistance. Cards must be canceled prior to your departure.

    If you are transferring to another academic unit, and wish to keep your card, please provide an updated default account number.

    Once canceled, the destroyed card must be returned via campus mail to:

    Center for Tomorrow
    North Campus

    We greatly appreciate your assistance with closing out the account prior to your departure.

  • I am not sure if the item is an allowable purchase. Who should I contact?

    For questions, please contact your Accounts Payable Associate or Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748.

  • How can I protect the account from unauthorized use?

    • Keep the card secure
    • Review your account activity regularly
    • Use only reputable suppliers and secure websites
    • Do not email the credit card number
    • Do not share the card
    • Please white out any credit card numbers on your receipts, statements, or backup prior to attaching them to your expense report in Concur.
    • Beware of links in email. If you see a link in a suspicious email message, don't click on it. Rest your mouse (but don't click) on the link to see if the address matches the link typed in the message.

    Additional recommendations are available from:

    How You Can Protect Cardholder Data (UB Information Technology)

    American Express Security Center

    Protecting Against Credit Card Fraud (Federal Trade Commission)

    Card Sharing

    Do not share your PCard. 

    Recommendations from Knowledgeable Sources

  • I need to reserve a hotel room for an employee who will be traveling; can I use the Procurement Card to hold the reservation?

    Yes, the Procurement Card can be used for travel related purchases. 

  • What kinds of purchases can I make with the PCard?

    You can use a Procurement Card (PCard) to purchase a variety of business-related travel, meals, supplies and other appropriate expenses permitted under current university and departmental guidelines with UBF funds. PCards have dollar limits.

  • What kinds of purchases cannot be made with the PCard?

    The PCard should not be used for the following types of purchases: donations, political campaign activities, cash advances, gift cards/gift certificates, food purchases for employee or staff meetings, payments for services to consultants, professionals, or other individuals, splitting purchases to circumvent maximum per transaction amount, automated or recurring billings, security cameras, employee relocation expenses, payments to the university, Research Foundation, or UBF, or personal use.

  • Who can get a PCard?

    University or Research Foundation employees may apply for a PCard. Cards are issued to individuals. Ideally, the cardholder should be anyone who handles purchasing or travels on a routine basis.

  • Why is my transaction declining? What do I do?

    • Report the issue to Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino at 716-645-8748.
    • The card may have been suspended due to suspicious card activity.
    • Contact American Express at 1-800-492-4920 if you cannot reach Stevie.

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