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State Citibank Visa PCard holders are responsible for the monthly reconciliation of their card statements. 

Your PCard Paperwork

Cardholder establishes a secure PCard file to retain all original receipts and invoices to track all purchases and credits.

Payment Processing

  1. The bank sends payments for all transactions processed with a Procurement Card directly to suppliers within 2-3 business days.
  2. The university subsequently makes a single monthly payment to the bank.
  3. Cardholders complete a monthly reconciliation of charges.

Failure to reconcile monthly charges within requested timeframe could result in suspension or termination of card privileges.

Reconciliation Process

1. On or about the 6th of each month, the cardholder will receive an email notification from Citibank. This notification will alert cardholders that a statement is available.

2. The cardholder must print and review the Citibank statement for accuracy and reconcile each transaction with the Summary Log, PCard Order Form or acceptable alternative and the supplier receipts and/or invoices.

3. Complete this verification within five (5) business days of the email notification from Citibank.

4. After completing the reconciliation between the Citibank Statement and receipts, an additional reconciliation must be completed through the SUNY Employees Services Web Portal.

5. An email notification will be sent to all cardholders from the UB program administrator when activity is available for reconciliation.

6. The account reconciliation must be completed within 2 weeks of date of the email notification from the program administrator.

Learn How to Print Your Online Statement

  1. Sign on to the CitiManager® home page at https://home.cards.citidirect.com with your account credentials.
  2. Hover over the wrench in the side bar to select the Web Tools tab.
  3. Click Citidirect Card Management System.
  4. Click the next line that starts with NYS-P, which is your level of hierarchy.
  5. Hover the mouse over the menu field named Inquiry, click Statement.
  6. Click Search to list the statements available for viewing and printing.
  7. Click the account number link to access the desired billing cycle.
  8. Click the Print Statement button to print.
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What Should I Review?

Your monthly review should include the following:

  • Attach receipts to the back of the Monthly Transaction Summary Log, PCard Order Form or acceptable alternative.
  • If multiple receipts are issued for one transaction, all associated receipts should be stapled together and filed with the corresponding log. The original transaction total should equal the cumulative total contained on the invoices.
  •  Any charges for sales tax are identified as a credit pending.
  • Credits appear on the Citibank statement for any returns. If a charge appears on your Citibank statement for an item ordered, but not received, contact the supplier to resolve the matter. Suppliers should not submit charges to Citibank until the goods have been shipped. If you cannot resolve the matter with the supplier, follow the process for disputes within 60 days.
  • Any unauthorized transactions should be reported to Citibank for dispute.
  • Payment/account reconciliation will take place electronically via your computer on a monthly basis.

Using SUNY Web Portal to Reconcile Charges Online

  1. View the 10-minute eLearning course called State Procurement Card Web Reconciliation.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the reconciliation Quick Guide.
  3. You will need your UBITName and password to sign onto http://www.suny.edu. It may be necessary to configure your access. Refer to step 3 of the Quick Guide
  4. When finished, print the certification page, sign and date, and obtain approver signature. Retain with log or order forms and all backup documentation. Keep all paperwork for 7 years.

Supervisory Review and Approval of Transactions

Monthly review and approval of all cardholder transactions must take place by assigned departmental personnel (preferably a supervisor). Unless otherwise specified, this will be assigned to the supervisor listed on the cardholder authorization form. This review and approval can be accomplished two ways:

  1. The reviewer will sign the hard copy of the monthly statement printed by the cardholder or
  2.  The reviewer will print and sign separate statements retrieved from the https://home.cards.citidirect.com website.

Read-only access to Citibank’s website will be established for the designated reviewer. In accordance with the Internal Control Responsibilities of state Agencies, all transactions must be reviewed and approved for proper expenditure.

If the reviewer does not agree with the monthly statement, the cardholder should be asked to verify the documents and explain the reason for any discrepancy.

Supervisors must inform the Program Administrator of any transfer or termination of a cardholder or the transfer or termination of the designated reviewer.

All original documentation must be retained by the department for a minimum period of six (6) years plus the current year.

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