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Research Foundation (RF) American Express (Amex) Cardholders are responsible for the monthly reconciliation of their card statements. 

Your PCard Paperwork

Cardholder establishes a secure PCard file to retain all original receipts and invoices to track all purchases and credits.

Payment Processing

  1. The bank sends payments for all transactions processed with a Procurement Card directly to suppliers within 2-3 business days.
  2. The university subsequently makes a single monthly payment to the bank.
  3. Cardholders complete a monthly reconciliation of charges.

Failure to reconcile monthly charges within requested timeframe could result in suspension or termination of card privileges.

All cards are on a 30-day billing cycle, approximately from the 30th of the month through the 30th of the following month.  Completed monthly summary forms must be sent to Procurement Card Administration by the 15th each month.  Late submissions can result in suspension or cancellation of PCard privileges.  All cardholders must adhere to the campus program guidelines, policies, and procedures if the university’s program is to retain its good standing.

Monthly Account Reconciliation Timeline

  1. On or about the 1st of each month, Amex sends a statement to each cardholder via US mail.  The statement will detail all charges made during the previous billing cycle. Cardholder should review statement promptly for accuracy.
  2. Research Foundation immediately pays Amex on behalf of all cardholders.  Do NOT send payment directly to Amex.
  3. Cardholders complete and send a monthly summary form to PCard Administration by the 15th of the month.
  4. PCard Administration processes the monthly summary and will retain it according to campus requirements.
  5. If there were no purchases during the month and therefore no statement, there is no action required on behalf of the cardholder.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that funds are available to cover the expenditures.

RF PCard Monthly Summary Procedure

1.   Download the summary form.

2.   Review your card statement for accuracy and compare to receipts and invoices.

3.   Take action to resolve issues with suppliers as soon as possible or contact Amex to dispute items within 60 days of purchase date. Ensure the credit or resolution has occurred.

4.   Include the cardholder’s name, billing month and year, person number and middle six digits of the card number in the header of the monthly summary form.

5.   List each charge or credit appearing on the statement and include a brief description of each charge or credit.

6.   Provide a complete description/justification how the purchase relates to your project.

7.   List the desired project, task or award number to be charged for each transaction.

8.   Attach all original receipts and invoices.

9.   Request review from Principal Investigator (PI) and obtain (PI) signature.

10.  Retain the AMEX statement for your records or shred it.

11.  email completed monthly summary form with and receipts/invoices (WITHOUT the Amex statement) to:


Before You Send in Your Summary

Have you:

- Attached a receipt or invoice for each transaction as required for audit purposes?
- Contacted suppliers who have charged sales tax to request a credit?
- Made arrangements with Procurement Card Administration to pay for unallowable charges?
- Obtained Principal Investigator's signature and date on the monthly summary form?

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Valerie Dennis

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