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Departmental funds may be used to reimburse certain expenses incurred by new appointees when transporting themselves, their families, household goods and personal effects to their new place of residence.

When To Reimburse Expenses

When your departmental administration believes it is necessary to attract specific personnel, reimbursement of moving and related expenses may be authorized by the responsible executive from available state, RF or UBF departmental funds.

Reimbursement of moving and related expenses shall not be made to an otherwise eligible employee unless the employee agrees in writing to return the monies received for such expenses in the event the employee resigns or voluntarily separates from employment within one year of the initial appointment.

Recommended Moving Companies

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Cook Moving Systems, Inc. Corrigan Moving Systems/United Van Lines

1845 Dale Rd
Cheektowaga, NY 14225


Thomas W. Schratz, VP Corporate Sales


Phone: 716-897-0700
Phone: 1-800-828-7144
Fax: 716-893-0500

150 Jarley Road
Rochester, NY 14623


Marabeth Galardi, General Manager


Phone: 585-295-2245

Most moving companies are carrier agents for parent moving companies and have sister agents all over the United States. We recommend that you start with one of the companies listed here because they are familiar with the university’s regulations, are proven to provide excellent customer service and are established vendors with New York state.

Allowable Expenses

Certain expenses may not be covered. Please check with your new department to make sure these expenses are allowable.

Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement

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Expense Funding Source
State RF UBF
Basic cost of moving household goods and personal effects up to 12,000 pounds, including pianos, refrigerators, and deep freezers


Must use a carrier authorized by the US Department of Transportation or trailers/trucks rented from commercial establishments.

If neither commercial mover nor rental truck is used, documented moving expenses up to $200 are reimbursable.

If to be charged to a sponsored project, allowability is determined according to sponsor guidelines.

If neither commercial mover nor rental truck is used, documented moving expenses up to $200 are reimbursable.

12,000 pound limit does not apply
Additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged Yes Yes Yes
Packing/unpacking household goods and personal effects Yes Yes Yes
Short duration (30 days) in-transit storage Yes Yes Yes
Mileage incurred to drive one personally-owned vehicle from the old to the new location


Mileage is reimbursed at the rate paid by NYS for the use of personally-owned automobiles for official business


Mileage is reimbursed at the IRS approved moving mileage rate


Mileage is reimbursed at the IRS approved moving mileage rate

Meals* and lodging

No Yes Yes
Second automobiles and other motor vehicles, boats, and trailers (other than those used as the appointee’s residence)* No No Yes

Expenses related to buying or selling a house*

No Yes Yes
Expenses for renting temporary living quarters* No Yes Yes
Building materials, animals raised for profit, farming equipment, livestock No No No
Reimbursement request submission timeframe* Within one year of the effective date of appointment Within 60 days of the effective date of appointment Within a reasonable period of time.

*Pursuant to current IRS provisions, reimbursement of these expenses represents taxable income to the employee and will be reported on the employee’s W-2 subject to appropriate payroll tax withholding.

*Non-qualified moving expenses include pre-move house hunting trips, meal expenses, and temporary living expenses. These items cannot be reimbursed unless treated as taxable compensation to the individual.

**Under special circumstances and only if there are no sponsor restrictions, a waiver of the above criteria may be obtained from the Operations Manager.

IRS Implications

IRS Publication 521 Moving Expenses explains the deduction of certain expenses of moving to a new home because of a change in job location or starting a new job. Refer to Publication 521 for complete information regarding the proper tax treatment of moving and related expenses.



  • Confirm with the hiring department the amount of approved reimbursement.
  • Obtain quotes from our recommended moving companies. These organizations are familiar with the our university campus and experienced in both home and laboratory moves. After the moving company has been selected, it's likely that a move coordinator will be assigned to assist with all aspects of your move, from origin to destination.
  • Save any receipts for moving expenses related to lodging, car rental, etc. for reimbursement.  

At Origin

  • On packing day, be available to assist packers with any questions.
  • Packers will leave cartons containing high-value items open so the driver can review and inspect these items. Examples of high-value items are crystal, fine china, collectibles, artwork, antiques, or any items valued at over $100 per pound, per article.
  • On loading day, be on hand to sign the bill of lading and to declare adequate full replacement valuation for your move. As a guideline, full replacement valuation is usually computed based on $5.00 worth of valuation per pound. For example, a shipment weighing 10,000 lbs. would be assigned valuation of $50,000. You can choose to declare a higher amount of valuation, but you cannot go lower.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use the 3rd party service provider offered to you by the moving company for service such as, connecting and disconnecting the washer and dryer, or disassembling furniture, tools, exercise equipment, etc. If you decide to use your own 3rd party service provider, the moving company is not responsible for any faulty disassembly/assembly, damages, or missing parts.
  • For liability purposes, you are strongly encouraged to have the moving company pack all of your fragile items (dishes, china, crystal, pictures, mirrors, etc.). The moving company will also pack books, linens, clothing, and other non-breakable items, unless you prefer to pack them yourself.
  • If a question or problem arises, please contact your move coordinator at the moving company.

At Destination

  • Contact your move coordinator to provide phone and contact information for the final delivery of your household goods.
  • Be on hand to accept delivery and check the condition of your household goods.
  • Never waive your right to check off items individually. Each item must be checked off individually to ensure that all household goods have been delivered. If you choose to waive your right to check off items, the moving company is not responsible for any lost or missing items.


Most moves occur without a problem. However, if a problem should arise, the following series of events must be followed to expedite the claims process efficiently and effectively:

  1. Initial claim handling: contact your move coordinator at the moving company and he/she will put you in contact with a claims adjuster.
  2. When receiving your claims call, the claims adjuster will explain the claims process and a claim form will be mailed to you. You will also be advised at this time that you have up to nine months to file a claim, but can only file one claim. If you are claiming missing items, a search is begun right away. Claims of an immediate or urgent nature can be inspected or repaired right away (i.e. refrigerators, washers, dryers, beds needing assembly — any item needed for daily living).
  3. Upon receipt of the claim form, the claims adjuster will contact you to advise the name of the inspection firm if an inspection is needed.  When an inspection is not required, the moving company will work toward an agreed-upon settlement.
  4. If repairs are needed, they will be done at this time.
  5. Do not dispose of any damaged items for which a claim is being filed until the moving company provides written authorization to dispose of the asset(s).  Under Federal Tariffs, the moving company has salvage rights for any assets for which a settlement is provided.
  6. Repairs are made, settlements agreed upon and settlement letter with or without a check are mailed.
Airfare Reimbursement

You can be reimbursed for airfare for yourself and immediate family. Parents and other relatives would not be eligible for reimbursement.

Documents Required for Reimbursement to Employee

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Document Funding Source
State RF UBF

Reimbursement/Advance/Payment Form, signed by the employee and authorized signature

Yes No No
Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement (Form AC1099), completed and signed by the appointing officer and appointee Yes Yes Yes
Relocation Expense Authorization and Payment (F469) No Yes No
Disbursement Request Form No No Yes
Original bill of lading or freight bill detailing the moving charges and confirming that the appointee has paid those charges; or paid receipts from rental establishments.  Yes Yes Yes
An original canceled check, carbon of a bank check/money order, or a copy of a credit card statement, are required as proof of payment.  Claims by individuals not using commercial carriers or rental establishments must be accompanied by appropriate documentation. Yes Yes Yes
Funding source may be used for reimbursement of moving and related expenses if individual is not appointed to that funding source No No Yes

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