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UB contracts with Graystone Advertising to place ads with local, national and even niche publications and websites at a deep discount.

Our Classified Advertising Partner

Graystone Advertising specializes in professional recruitment advertising services. They have a media database with information on over 5,000 recruitment resources including more than 1,000 Internet sites. Graystone designed UB-specific ad layouts that will reach and influence potential UB job candidates.

Graystone works closely with local, national and international publications. Some of the most popular publications include:

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education
  • The Buffalo News
  • Art Voice
  • Science Magazine

Graystone’s services include:

  • Placement in any printer medium in the U.S. and abroad
  • Customized billing and reports according to job title, office, quarterly or monthly
  • Design and place recruitment ads
  • Assist on Internet postings
  • Diversity programs
  • Specialty job situations
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) integration
  • QR code programs

Benefits of Working with Graystone

  • Cost is the same as working directly with the media
  • No charge for design, consultation and editing
  • Only pay for ad approved for placement
  • No charges for quotes or for ads not placed
  • All media is consolidated to a single invoice
  • Invoice amount is the exact amount approved

Purchase Methods

  • Procurement Card
    • Research Foundation PCard: up to $2,500 (use only if allowable on your grant)
    • State PCard: up to $4,999
    • Reference contract number T-100002
  • Electronic Requisition (eReq)
Best Practice

Keep a copy of the ad with your paperwork.

How to Place an Ad

1.     Email with a request for price quotes for specific media sources. Include the ad copy in a MS Word document. Cut-off date for Sunday publication is Thursday at 12:00 pm EST.

2.     Graystone will acknowledge receipt of email. Quotes are returned to the UB requestor within 24 hours or less.

3.     Graystone will double proof the ad and make sure it contains the UB-approved affirmative action/equal opportunity language. Print ads are set in the specially designed UB template.

4.     Graystone will send the ad to the UB requestor as a PDF file for approval.

5.     Graystone will handle all insertion details along with payment to the media source.

Supplier Information

Graystone Group Advertising
Fax: 1-203-549-0061

Susan Gangley, Account Manager for UB
Phone: 1-203-549-0060
Toll Free: 1-800-544-0005 x344
Contract number T-100002

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