Research Foundation PCard October Statement Ready to Reconcile

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Published November 20, 2017

The monthly transactions summary form and original receipts for October 2017 are due. This includes transactions from 9/29/17 – 10/28/17.

Submit Transaction Log and Receipts

Attach all original receipts, invoices and purchase justifications to your completed and signed summary form and mail to:

    PCard Administration
    224 Crofts Hall
    North Campus

within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the hard copy statement from American Express.

To expedite processing, mark the outside of the envelope: PCard. Contact us if you anticipate a delay that will prevent the timely mailing of the paperwork. Late submissions can result in suspension of PCard privileges.

Ensure Funds Are Available Before Using PCard

It is the PI's responsibility to confirm that funds are available prior to using the Procurement Card. It is critical to ensure adequate funding is in place. If funds are not readily available, email Debbie Kostran to request an account suspension or cancellation.

Original Receipts Required

An original invoice or receipt from the supplier must be attached to the monthly transaction summary log for each transaction listed on your credit card statement. The invoice or receipt must include:

  • Itemized, detailed description of goods purchased, including prices and quantities
  • Transaction date
  • Names and addresses of customer and supplier
  • Invoice or reference number
  • Total amount of the invoice

Documents labeled as statements, order confirmations, acknowledgements and packing slips will not be accepted. If you cannot obtain the receipt or invoice, email Debbie Kostran or Angie Rzeszut for assistance.

Sales Tax

As a non-profit organization, the Research Foundation is exempt from New York State and local sales and use taxes on goods. When ordering, please inform the supplier of this status. No sales tax is to be paid for items purchased on the Procurement Card.

  • If needed, provide the NYS Tax-Exempt Number or RF tax-exempt certificate.
  • The tax-exempt number is embossed on the face of your card.
  • Verify that the supplier accepts the RF American Express Procurement Card and will honor our tax-exempt status.
  • Only do business with suppliers who can accommodate our tax-exempt status.

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