Managing UB Jobs Administrative User Account

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Access to the UB Jobs administrative system to manage position descriptions and job postings regardless of funding source at your convenience.  

New Access for Managers

When you complete the UB Jobs user account request form, you are giving us the information necessary to create your online account.

Be prepared to itemize the departments to which you need access and to agree to the Terms of Agreement when you complete the request.

Read the Terms of Agreement

To ensure the privacy and security of data, I will:

  • Access, distribute and share data only as needed to conduct campus business as required by my job.
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals whose data I access.
  • Observe any ethical restrictions that apply to data to which I have access.
  • Protect confidential information displayed on my workstation monitor.
  • Immediately report to my supervisor any and all security breaches.

I will not:

  • Discuss verbally or distribute in electronic or printed formats, confidential data, except to authorized personnel who have a need to know for specific job related purposes, or as may be required by law, court order, or order of a government agency.
  • Falsely identify myself.
  • Gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to data or campus computing systems.
  • Share my user ID(s) and password(s) with anyone nor use anyone else’s user ID(s) or password(s) or leave my workstation unattended or unsecured while logged in to campus computing systems.
  • Copy or reproduce any records containing information or divulge such records to others.
  • Make unauthorized copies of employee data.
  • Engage in any activity that could compromise the security or confidentiality of employee data.

Add Departments To Your Access

Complete the UB Jobs user account request form to request additional departments to be added to your account.

Contact an Expert

Contact us for:

  • Using the application
  • Resetting a forgotten password
  • Deactivating an account

Recruitment Support

Delorian Miller

Recruitment and Position Specialist

State Workforce Planning and Recruitment

120 Crofts Hall

Phone: 716-645-4432; Fax: 716-645-2724


Melanie Phillips

Compensation and Workforce Analyst

State Workforce Planning and Recruitment

120 Crofts Hall

Phone: 716-645-4438; Fax: 716-645-2724


Brendan Tom

Recruitment and Position Specialist

State Workforce Planning and Recruitment

120 Crofts Hall

Phone: 716-645-4529; Fax: 716-645-2724


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