The UB Foundation (UBF) provides a wide range of financial services that support UB units, faculty, staff and students. One of these services is UBF Checkout — an e-commerce service offered by UBF.

UBF Checkout lets you use your website to collect credit card payments and e-check payments online. For example, you can use UBF Checkout to collect conference registrations and tickets.

UBF Checkout Funds

Funds from UBF Checkout are deposited into your UBF account. Please note that you must have a UBF account — and complete the UBF Account Setup Form — before using UBF Checkout.

Manually Process Credit Cards


UBF Checkout Credit Card Processing and Authorization Online

For access to processing credit cards through UBF Checkout, you will need to complete the UBF Checkout Setup Form. 

The following information is required for the UBF Checkout Setup Form:

  • Email address
  • UB Foundation account that will receive credit card payments
  • Service type (merchandise, registration)
  • University at Buffalo UBITName 

Once your UBF Checkout account is established with UB Foundation, you may process credit cards. The purchaser’s credit card is charged immediately. The funds will automatically be credited to a UBF account. Please note the charge transaction is in the name of UBF Activities Online on a card holder’s credit card statement.

On the login screen, enter your UBITName and password. The UBF Checkout Manual Payments screen appears.

UBF Checkout Manual Payments

  1. Site Code (this is a default setting). Some departments work with various department codes and need to select the appropriate code.
  2. Select the UBF Account that will receive payment
  3. Select the Service Type Code for the transaction
  4. Deposit Number for transaction (optional)
  5. Enter Card Holder’s First Name*
  6. Enter Card Holder’s Last Name*
  7. Enter the billing address information.* This is required if your transaction includes New York State sales tax. New York State sales tax is a destination tax, therefore, the tax is calculated on the billing address. If you do not have the credit card address and the payment is not subject to New York State sales tax, enter your department/unit’s address.
  8. If registrant requires email receipt (optional)
  9. Enter Description of Charge (i.e. reunion admission, workshop fee)
  10. Enter Amount of charge*
  11. Enter any comments relating to the transaction (optional)
  12. Proceed to Payment Form

*This is the registrant’s information. If the registrant is the same as the card holder, all of this information prepopulates on the next screen. If the registrant is not, the card holder's information can be completed on the next screen.

  1. All Billing Information prepopulates if the registrant is the same as the card holder. If the card holder information is different, update it here. Email and phone number are optional.
  2. Enter name as it appears on the credit card
  3. Click Continue with your payment button
  1. Enter the Card Number without spaces or dashes
  2. Enter the card's Expiration Date
  3. Enter the security Card Code (last three digits printed on the back of the card)
  4. When you are ready to process, click on the Pay Now button

If your card is not processed, an error displays at the top of the screen. If your card is approved, an invoice appears thanking you for your payment.

To process another transaction, click on Return.

If you are finished, exit.

Important Information

Black out all but the last four digits of the card number after processing. In compliance with credit card company regulations, you must retain your credit card information in a secured location for a minimum of 18 months from the date the transaction is processed. After which time it can be shredded.

Refunds and Voids

Contact Leslie Schug at UBF to void a same day transaction or refund a previously processed payment. Please provide your confirmation receipt information. Include the transaction date, customer name, invoice number, refund amount and a brief reason for the refund. Typically, an online refund is processed the same day and debits the UBF account on the following day. However, the actual refund takes 5-10 business days to credit the card holder’s account (card holders can contact the bank that handles the account).


Leslie Schug

Service Revenue Specialist

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-3014



An email confirmation is automatically sent to the individual processing the credit card. For a report of transactions processed, log into UBFirst. Be sure to use your correct UBITName. Only transactions processed by the user are displayed.

Contact an Expert

Send email, phone or submit a question

Cindy Johannes.

Cindy Johannes

Revenue Manager

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8720