Faculty and Administrative Space Standards

Following an extensive review of office space standards for state systems of higher education around the country, we conclude that we should use the standards below as the guideline for allocating, managing and building office space:

Space/Appointment Type Room Criteria Range (NSF)
Office (310)
Office-Executive 175-300
Office-Staff-Senior 120-210
Office-Staff 80-120
Shared-Staff-Support* 80-100
Shared-Staff-Part-Time 50-80
Shared-Student (TA/GA/SA/RA) 20-60
Office-Faculty 120-140
Shared-Facilty-Adjunct 20-60
Office-Facilty-Studio/Lab 175-200
Office-Research See research space stds.
Shared-Facilty-Emeritus Max 4 per school
Office Services (315)
Work Room (print, supplies, etc) 80-150 each
Records Storage 10-15/FTE
Conference Rooms (350)
Conference Rooms 15-30/FTE

*Recommend using 80-100 assignable square feet for all furniture new or renovated standard office spaces

Definitions for Office Size Standards

Executive President, Provost, Vice President, Vice Provost, Dean
Sr. Staff Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents, Program Director, Associate Deans, Chairs
Staff Professional Staff, Full-Time Admin, Full-Time Adjunct Faculty, Full Time Post Doc's
Support Staff Secretary, Clerical, Technician
Part-Time Staff FTE .99 or lower
Faculty All ranks
Adjunct (Part-Time Faculty) FTE value can vary, but typically part time
Studio/Lab Faculty Those who conduct research with their office and not assigned space elsewhere
Sr. Staff Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents, Program Director, Associate Deans, Chairs

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