Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for IT Purchases

Software vendors are required to complete this Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) when a new software solution is being purchased.  

When purchasing software with a value of less than $50,000, departments must obtain a completed VPAT from the software vendor. The completed VPAT, along with the completed Purchasing Software Solutions under $50,000 Questionnaire, must be forwarded to the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for review.  This process ensures compliance with the university's Web Accessibility Policy.

For additional information about the software purchase process, including instructions for purchases over $50,000, see the Purchasing Software page.

Completing the Form

  1. Request that the software vendor complete the VPAT and return it to you.
  2. Software vendor completes and returns form to requesting department.
  3. Email the completed form, along with completed Purchasing Software Solutions under $50,000 Questionnaire, to: 

Form Facts

Form Type: Web link

Requirements: Web browser

Updated: May 2019

Owner: Procurement Services