Safeguarding Cash and Checks Self-Assessment Survey

The purpose of this survey is to assess your department’s risk with the safeguarding of cash and checks. If it is determined that your department is at risk, please contact Tricia Canty to assist you in developing stronger procedures to mitigate potential risk to your department.

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Completing the Survey

  1. Download the survey.
  2. Click "enable content" to enable macro on excel workbook.
  3. Please answer all of the questions on the survey.
  4. After completing the survey, the GREEN bar in cell C6 will turn RED if your department is at risk.
  5. If the cell turns RED and you are not scheduled for a departmental cash review, please contact Tricia Canty at to schedule a review or for assistance in developing stronger internal controls with your cash handling procedures.
  6. This survey should be used as an internal assessment only. The RESET button will allow you to re-evaluate your department when you implement new changes.

Need Help Completing the Survey?

Tricia Canty.

Tricia Canty

Internal Control Coordinator

Financial Compliance, Risk and Internal Controls, Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2639


Form Facts

Form Type: Downloadable, Microsoft Excel macro-enabled document

Requirements: Microsoft Office Excel

Updated: 11/2016

Owner: Financial Management