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Request Research Foundation (RF) fellowship.

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Academic Fellowships

Human Resources
120 Crofts Hall
North Campus

Participation Stipend Sponsored Accounts

         Sponsored Project Services
         The Commons
         520 Lee Entrance Suite 211
         North Campus

Participation Stipend - Non-Sponsored Accounts

Non-Sponsored Group
418 Crofts Hall
North Campus

Need Help Completing the Form?

Academic Fellowships

Employment and Payroll — RF

If Last Name Starts A-F

Denise Katas.

Denise Katus

RF Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-4453


If Last Name Starts G-L

Joelle Tyler.

Joelle Tyler

RF Payroll

Phone: 716-645-4474


If Last Name Starts M-S

Sonia Cravatta.

Sonia Cravatta

RF Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-4473


If Last Name Starts T-Z

Lee Rodriguez.

Aleathea Rodriguez

RF Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-4479


Participation Stipend - Sponsored Accounts

Participation Stipent - Non-Sponsored Accounts

Kaitlin Williams.

Kaitlin Williams

Non Sponsored RF Accounting and Financial Reporting

Financial Management

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Updated: 1/2003

Owner: Financial Management