Correct a Returned Expense Report

If your submitted expense report is returned to you by a supervisor, cost approver or a processor in the Travel office, correct it per their comments and resubmit.

How to Correct a Returned Expense Report

1. Receive Email Notification

  • You will receive an email notification from the system if your submitted expense report has been returned to you.
  • Click the link in the email to log in to Concur to view the returned report.

2. Go to Returned Report

  • On the home page, click Expense in the top menu bar to view your active expense reports.
  • Find the report in red that says Returned (Figure 1).
    • You may see a comment explaining why it was returned.
    • If you do not see a comment, click on the report to continue.
Screenshot of Concur showing an expense report returned for correction by an approver. Arrow pointing to the approver's comment for correction.

Figure 1

3. Correct Report

  • To view the comments, at the top of the report click Details, then click Comments.
    • In Comment History, you will see the most recent comment at the top of the list (Figure 2).
Concur comment history.

Figure 2

  • If you want to add a comment to the report, type it in the Comment box then click Save.
  • Correct the report per the comments.

4. Resubmit Report

  • When finished making corrections, at the top of the report click Submit Report.
  • The report will be sent back to your supervisor for approval and must go through the entire workflow again.