Approve Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Reports

If the expenses on a report are being charged to a sponsored Research Foundation (RF) grant, a Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) approver will review and approve it. 

How to Approve Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Reports

1. Receive Email Notification

  • SPS approvers will receive email notifications when expense reports are submitted for their approval.
  • Click the link in the email to log in to Concur to review and approve the report.

2. Go to Required Approvals

There are several ways to go to your required approvals from the home page:

  • Click Required Approvals in the Quick Task bar.
  • Click Required Approvals in My Tasks.
  • Click Approvals in the top menu bar.

3. Review Reports Pending Approval

  • Select a report pending approval. Click on the Report Name to open it.
  • Review exceptions for errors on the report:
    • If an issue needs to be corrected by the user, at the top click Send Back to User.
    • Yellow exceptions appear as informational warnings on the report, and may have no action that is required. These will not prevent you from approving the report (Figure 1).
Concur yellow exception error message.

Figure 1

  • Verify all expenses are fully allocated:
    • At the top of the report, click Details, then click Allocations. Click the Summary button.
    • On the Allocation Summary, verify that the account information is complete.
  • Review the report header:
    • Click Details, then click Report Header:
    • In the Federally Funded Account field, select Yes or No to indicate if the account is federally funded (Figure 2).
    • When finished, click Save.
Concur report header fields for SPS approvers to complete.

Figure 2

4. Approve or Return Report

  • When you are finished reviewing the report, at the top choose one of the following options:
    • Send Back to User — send the report back to the user if it requires correction. In the comment field, provide a clear explanation of the problem.     
    • Approve — approve the report if the expenses are allowable and fully allocated. Read the Final Confirmation statement and click to Accept or Decline.