eProcurement Prompts Change in Use of Blanket Orders

purchase order form with pencil

Published July 25, 2016

Due to the upcoming implementation of our new eProcurement system, Procurement Services will no longer use blanket orders for purchasing supplies and services. In lieu of blanket orders, please submit individual eReqs.


Procurement Services is making this important change to prepare for our new eProcurement online ordering system. We are beginning new business practices now that will help ease our transition to the new system that will eliminate the need for blanket orders because:

  • Ordering from your favorite suppliers will be easier and streamlined
  • The item inventory will be known at the time of ordering

Steps to Take

  1. In lieu of blanket orders, please submit individual eReqs.
  2. Procurement Services will review requests for renewals of existing blanket orders on an individual basis.
  3. Change orders are not allowed on any purchase orders except in special circumstances, so we encourage you to plan accordingly.
  4. Consult with your buyer for your specific needs.

Use Other Purchasing Methods

We recognize that this is a change in a previously accepted practice. We will take great care to address your needs as they arise and we promise to make every effort to process your orders efficiently.

In the meantime, as we prepare for the new system, we suggest that you sign up for an online ordering account with VWR, Fisher, Staples or UPS. To get started, complete the online ordering account application. You might also consider applying for a Procurement Card using state funds or a Procurement Card using Research Foundation funds.

Standing Orders for Specific Services

Standing orders (not blanket orders) are appropriate for specific services only: copiers, cell phones, bottled water and gas cylinders.