Can I Sign This? UB's Approval Authority Policy

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Originally published on December 14, 2015

Republished October 14, 2016

UB's Approval Authority Policy provides guidance on the delegation and assignment of authority to approve transactions.

Who Can Sign?

“Only authorized individuals may approve transactions...”
Approval Authority Policy

Only authorized individuals may approve transactions that obligate the university to receive or spend funds, provide or receive services, and/or otherwise commit its resources. Individuals may enter into these transactions only if they have the appropriate level of authority.

An approver may not authorize a payment to oneself or benefiting oneself, including but not limited to:

  • Personnel transactions
  • Employee expenditure reimbursements
  • Procurement card transactions
  • Petty cash reimbursements
  • Travel or entertainment expenditures

Who Does This Apply To?

This policy applies to all university accounts and funding entities including all State, Research Foundation and University at Buffalo Foundation accounts.

Delegation of Authority

Delegations of approval authority must be documented, kept current, maintained in the departmental files, and a copy provided to the university business office charged with oversight of the transactions (e.g., Human Resources, Financial Services, Sponsored Project Services).

Guidelines for delegating approval authority include:

  • The authority to act and responsibility for performance should reside at the lowest possible organizational level.
  • Approvers should be those individuals who know enough about the transaction to verity its accuracy, allowability and consistency with policy.
  • Approval authority should add value to the transaction, such as being a final control.
  • Additional approvals may be required by academic units.

Transactions That Require President, Provost, Vice President, and/or RF Operations Manager Signature

Transactions Not Requiring President or Provost Approval