Administrative Services Gateway Now Mobile-Friendly

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Published July 1, 2016

As of  Friday, July 1, the Administrative Services Gateway website will be responsive to the device you are using, including your smartphone.

What Has Changed?

The Administrative Services Gateway website has been optimized to automatically adjust its layout and behavior to the device you are using. If your device has a smaller screen (e.g., smartphone), you can easily navigate webpages. Web stewards for the Gateway site have also tested the site to ensure that important webpage elements are easily found.

What Will I See?

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A series of changes occur automatically when someone visits an Responsive Web Designed or RWD-enabled UBCMS website using a small-screen device:

  • The header and heading font sizes become smaller.
  • Top navigation, search and left navigation merge into dropdown tools.
  • The page becomes a single column, leading with the center well, then the right sidebar.
  • Multi-columns are stacked into a single column.
  • Images generally display smaller (but some may expand to fill the width of the screen).

Why Is This Change Important?

  • We want to be your anytime, anywhere resource; now we're at your fingertips.
  • Google lists RWD-enabled sites first when you search on your mobile device; now we're at the top of your list.