Four New Training Classes Added for Winter 2015

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iPad Essentials is one of four new classes for UB faculty and staff.

Published November 18, 2014

Four new classes are available in addition to 40+ free offerings for faculty and staff.

Registration Now Available

“Classes are experiential so knowledge and skills can be applied to your work life.”
Kelli Hennessy, Director, Organizational Development & Training

UB faculty and staff can now access the Winter 2015 schedule of free classes offered by Organizational Development and Training (OD&T). The winter schedule includes dates from January through March 2015 for over 40 classes covering career and personal development, as well as software and computer topics.

Highlights include four new classes: 1) Customer Service Essentials, 2) Supervising Student Employees 101, 3) iPad Essentials and 4) Establish & Manage Your Database in Microsoft Access 2010.

All UB faculty and staff members are eligible to attend and registration must be completed in advance at Classes are interactive and experiential to ensure knowledge and skills can be directly applied to your role on campus. Questions can be directed to Kerry Lynch, program coordinator at or 645-4459.